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Free Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets for Kids

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving with these super fun Math worksheets. Why these you ask? Solve and have fun, celebrate and practice Math. These colorful math Thanksgiving worksheets give the feel of thanksgiving in a subtle way. Celebrat... read moree this holiday to exercise math and reading skills. Make kids solve these Thanksgiving worksheets during the day, or after your dinner and let them explore more about Thanksgiving. read less
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Puncture Trouble

2943 149

Flag Pole

2500 118

Wonders Of Time 2 Junior

2302 132

Color Me Two Little Reind

2730 57

Spiders Web

3374 239

Connect The Dots Sledge

2293 40

Top Of The World

2289 165

The Coolest One

3399 181

Dino Time

4568 354

Landing Strip

4038 242

Best Fit Chinese Man

2292 119

Cm Circus

2822 127

Minute Hand Hour Hand

2888 153

2 Digit

2979 144

Time Change

386 107


3824 195

Connect The Dots Stingray

1990 50

Color Me Santa Claus

2781 65

No Strings Attached

2550 154

Army Ready

2124 122

My Babies

3214 132

Picture In Picture Elepha

6006 302

Cake Bake

3528 174

Empty Stomach

2335 142

Did you know on the first Thanksgiving,

  • the calendar showed autumn of 1621.
  • there was no turkey to be served.
  • there were no forks. Those days only spoons and knives were used. Forks were not introduced until the 18th century.

Isn't that interesting!

These Thanksgiving worksheets are an excellent way to help your kids to get into a holiday spirit. Along with these Thanksgiving worksheets, why not try these fun math activities:

  • When cooking: We all make some delicious meals for thanksgiving. Why not involve children? Ask them for your help and make them count and add the ingredients. Like half a spoon oil, 2 sugar cubes, a dozen chocolate bars and so on.
  • Setting tables: Ask your child to set the tables. Let them know the number of guests and set the plates, spoons and forks accordingly.

This season let us add some Thanksgiving essence to Math at home or class with these cool Thanksgiving worksheets. Let your child experience that Math can be dealt with in a fun and engaging way. Let these Thanksgiving worksheets express and enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. All you have to do is print and hand them over! You will notice not only kids will enjoy them but will also learn and relearn a variety of Math topics. What are waiting for! Download your favorite ones now!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

Tips to use math worksheets
Kids can practice counting and arithmetic skills, develop basic geometry skills and learn about money and practice how to tell time. Then, they can move on to more difficult topics like fractions, decimals, data interpretation using graphs, Venn diagrams and tally charts
Few tips:
  • Use them for a fun practice session and not as another part of homework.
  • Read the story with your child and help them relate to the problem.
  • Club these with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage your child to apply the mathematical concept repeatedly while solving them.