As November paints its beautiful fall colors, we know it is time to get the Thanksgiving décor out. With families already prepping for the Thanksgiving dinner, why not add Thanksgiving zeal to our Math class? You have just reached the right place for a fun and easy Thanksgiving Math game. Here, we present a roll and cover multiplication activity called Gobble the gobbler.

Thanksgiving Math game – Gobble the Gobbler

Things you need to play this Thanksgiving math game

  1. 2 Dice
  2. Pens
  3. Paper

Things you need to print

FREE printable Gobble the Gobbler – Thanksgiving Math game boards-BOARD 01

FREE printable Gobble the Gobbler – Thanksgiving Math game boards-BOARD 02

FREE printable Gobble the Gobbler – Thanksgiving Math game boards-BOARD 03

FREE printable Gobble the Gobbler – Thanksgiving Math game boards-BOARD 04

FREE printable of cooked Turkey Tokens


What is Gobble the Gobbler?

Gobble the Gobbler is a simple Thanksgiving Math game. The turkeys or gobblers are out there and players have to catch them to make Thanksgiving dinner. It is very easy to catch the Gobblers ­— just roll the dice and cover!

Aim of the Thanksgiving math game

This Thanksgiving math game helps to increase the effectiveness of mentally or visually multiplying numbers.

Who can play?

This Thanksgiving math game ideal for kids in grade 2 and above and can be played in groups of 2 or more.

Where can we play?

Due to its minimalistic setting, this Thanksgiving math game can be played in a math class at school, at home, playdates, and several other events.

Who wins?

Who moves first?

In every group of 4, assign the order of rolling as per alphabetical order of the first names of players.

How to play Gobble the Gobbler – the Thanksgiving math game?


  1. Distribute the Gobble the Gobbler Thanksgiving Math game boards among the groups.
  2. Assign each player one of the 4 different colored Turkey Tokens. Each player in the group must have 10 Turkey Tokens of the assigned color.
  3. The game starts with the first player rolling the 2 dice.
  4. Next, she will multiply the 2 numbers on the dice.
  5. If the multiplication product is present on the Gobble the Gobbler game board, the player will cover it with one of her Turkey Tokens. If not, the game moves to the next player.
  6. Let’s say in her chance, the first player covers the number 10 on the game board.
  7. Next, when it is the second player’s chance, she also rolls 2 and 5 whose product is 10. So what should be done now?
  8. Here, the second player will give back the first player’s Turkey Token and place her Turkey Token at 10.
  9. The players can remove single Turkey Tokens of other players from a number and place theirs. In case a player has two Turkey Tokens on a number, she has owned that number and other players cannot move her tokens from that number.
  10. In this way, players will take turns and try to place all their Turkey Tokens on the game board. A player can place more than two Turkey Tokens also on a single number.


  • This Thanksgiving Math game is an instant class silencer.
  • A sense of competition strengthens multiplication concepts.
  • The Thanksgiving-inspired turkeys add a festive and fun cheer.
  • This Thanksgiving math game leads to great family bonding time.

Points to remember

  • Allow the use of pens and papers for kids who are new to multiplication.
  • Use this Thanksgiving math game as addition centers by using 3­­-4 dice.
  • Remember to conclude the game with a brief summary signifying Thanksgiving history and traditions.
  • Lastly, reward and recognize efforts.

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