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Say Cheese
Say Cheese Ocean Raiders Outnumber
500% better Math. Infinite fun.
-Developed By IIT-ians. Used by top schools.
-Upto 20 times more practice in the same time.
-Fun for student and entire family.
Give the best Math solution to your child
GRADE 1 Addition and 125 other skills
GRADE 2 Place value and 130 other skills
GRADE 3 Multiplication and 135 other skills
GRADE 4 Fractions and 140 other skills
GRADE 5 Decimals and 150 other skills
ABOVE GRADE 5 All 650+ other skills
Best Math Games, Worksheets and Activities for Grade 1 to Grade 5
Trusted by best schools
DPS (Delhi Public School), Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jindal & other top schools use our programs in their classrooms with great results. We are perfectly aligned to the curriculum too.
20 times more practice
Great speed, stronger fundamentals and no more silly mistakes in math. With each game session, kids get up to 20 times more math practice than class. Making them better and faster at math.
Easy and fun to use
Our games are easy to use and lots of fun to play. Parents, teachers and students absolutely love our games and activities. We promise hours of productive fun for the entire family.
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