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Free 3rd Grade Math Worksheets

The 3rd graders feel a drastic shift from simple math concepts to difficult ones. The application of basic skills are required much more. Our free 3rd grade math worksheets, being colorful and engaging, help them enjoy practicing. The... read more story help them in developing their reading skills and relating to problems easily. Not just addition and subtraction worksheets or 3rd grade multiplication worksheets, but all 3rd grade word problems need practicing. read less

Accountant Owl

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  • Division of large numbe...
Long time ago, in the jungle there occurred a war between the owls and the birds on who were the bes...

Treasure Trail Bon Voyage

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  • Division Facts when Div...
The pirates have hidden a treasure on this island and they have left a map. They have marked several...

Detective Tukaram Burning Of

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  • Division Facts when Div...
The office on X Street was set on fire by someone. Detective Tukaram has been called by the police t...

Fruit Fractions

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  • Identification of Fract...
one day a fruit vendor met a person who gave him colorful mats of blue, yellow, purple color because...

Connect The Dots Bear

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  • Multiplication Facts of...
  • Multiplication Facts of...
A painter has drawn a creature. After sometime he left with no colours. He went to the market to bri...

Picture In Picture Gadi

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  • Multiplication Facts of...
->Mr. Sharma made a puzzle for his pet monkey pinku to identify his level of intelligence. Help pin...

Brainx Premier League

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  • Number Names.
Students need to write in words the runs scored by each team. Then they must compare the two numbers...

Coconutty Tail

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  • Division of a 3 digit n...
I just trained these monkeys to get the coconuts for me. Don’t you think it’s a smart idea?

Pipe Dream

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  • Addition of more than 2...
Plumbing is a tough job. Especially if you don’t know Math. Can you help out the plumber here?

Red Light

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  • Number sequencing. Numb...
  • Before after between
Woooo Wooooo Woooo. The minster is going with his convoy. Only one of the cars has the minister. Can...

Anaconda Island

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  • Writing numbers in expa...
  • Place value system. Num...
The hungry anacaonda's are out again. Quickly fill them up with all the numbers before they harm any...

Scramble Ramble

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  • Multiplication of more ...
Time for Scramble Ramble! Play with numbers and calculate the product in every row and column! The f...

My Jump

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  • Number comparision. Num...
These rabbits may have lost the race to the tortoise but when it comes to jumping, they are still th...

Got Wet

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  • Addition of 2 numbers o...
  • Finding missiong digits...
Ohh my my! This very important bill got soaked in rain and some numbers were erased. Do you think yo...

Paint Mania

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  • Multiplication Facts of...
Pappu painter is a stupid painter. He always hide his painting so that others could not copy it. Thi...

Hungry Fractions

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  • Identification of Fract...
Robert got first rank in the final exam. So his mother gifted him a pizza treat because Robert loves...

Kitchen Shopping

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  • Addition of 2 numbers o...
  • Addition of 2 numbers o...
Bela aunty is a great cook. She is out there to get some items for kitchen. Can you check if her mat...

Cannon Fire

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  • Addition on a number li...
  • Addition of multiples o...
  • Addition of 3 digit num...
The maharajas of old have built many a great canons. Can you find which is the deadliest of them all?

Hulala Huu Tribe

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  • Place value and face va...
The Hulala Huu tribe stores money in a different way. Can you understand their money system?

Picture In Picture Dino

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  • Multiplication of 2 dig...
  • Place value
This is an important of your school routine. Find out the object hidden in this maze by solving this...


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  • Length esimation
  • Weight estimation
  • Volume estimation
The door, oil, pencil and cola. We are surrounded by objects. Can you guess the length, weight, volu...

Detective Tukaram and Burnin

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  • Division
  • Mulitplicaiton
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
Detective Tukaram is out there to solve the case of burning office. Help him pickup the clues and fi...


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  • Lines of symmetry
  • Mirror image
These everyday objects can be split in to mirror halves. Can you draw the perfect line of symmetry f...


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  • Weight estimation and a...
You know your kilogram and gram. But do you know weight? Estimate the weight of these objects in rea...
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Math skills like word problems of addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, forming equations, sharping their reasoning skills through data interpretation have to be drilled in their minds. All they need is practice and that's what we provide here in a fun and easy manner. These printable are perfect for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who are looking for something different from their monotonous curriculum.

Why do you really need these worksheets?
  • Energy and money saver: Gone will be the days when your third grader will detest Math practice lessons. These FREE Grade 3 Worksheets when combined with math games yield more than 20 times practice. This rules out joining any additional Math class or tuitions. It will be easy on the pocket.
  • Other than Math uses: Not only do these Math downloadables focus on Math practice but also considerably redevelops third graders' general knowledge, reasoning skills, Mental Math skills, problem comprehension skills as well as develop great data interpretation!
  • Concrete core: Because of the high practice rate of these printables, third graders will establish well-developed core Math knowledge. This enables smooth transition to greater Math topics.
Tips to use math worksheets
These printable for grade 3 cover a multitude of topics in third grade. Kids can practice addition, subtraction, money, geometry and fractions and much more. A wide collection of math activities and puzzles with stories enhance the kid's creativity.
Few tips for Grade 3 worksheets:
  • Make sure to understand each step before moving on to other complex problems.
  • Timed worksheet might help them in solving the problems faster and better.
  • Try to use more concrete objects to explain the concept.
  • Concentrate more on ways to improve their speed and accuracy by practicing more.
  • Involve them in virtual math practicing by playing games on educational apps like Mathaly.
  • Ask them to read the story and relate to the problem.
  • Club these Grade 3 Worksheets with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage our child to apply the concept repeatedly while solving word problems.
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