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Not just the game. Get much more out of Say Cheese – The multiplication game

  • Easy Game Play: Help your mouse win the world championship using multiplication tables as your weapon.
  • 3 Math Skills: As they play, children develop fluency in 3 skills starting with multiplication tables.
  • Easy Start: Kids just need to know counting before playing this game. Its that easy to start.
  • Kids will love: the exciting game play, the characters and the cheese cakes! Kids will fall in love with this game.
  • Age6+: Perfect educational game for boys and girls 6 years & up or students in level 1 and up. One of the best family games.
  • ASIN: B00ME8HI2Y
  • Model Number: LRSCCFG2
Understand the game faster. Watch this video
Here is a how-to-play video for Say Cheese. Of course, the rule book has more information and tips,but we feel this video would be great to get you started…
One point stop for all the rules
Find here the most up-to-date rules and game play for Say Cheese. We keep updating this rule book from time to time based on the teacher feedback and our user tests. Download the latest version here for free...
With Say Cheese you get 14 times more practice of 4 core math skills
Math is necessary in life and multiplication skill is something that one needs at every point. Mastering multiplication needs practice. The more you practice, the better you get. With this game, kids practice and memorize multiplication table up to 14 times more like never before.
Multiplication tables
Use of divisibility rules
Identifying factors and multiples
Turn math practice into a fun family ritual
Explore Say Cheese and other math games with your child. Get the latest Logic Roots math games for your child and turn math practice into a game instead of 'sums'.
Family Playing Math Game
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To get the best out of Say Cheese, play more
We believe that to master a skill, we need repeat practice. Gamification is the best to generate repeat practice for kids and adults. With each game session of Say Cheese, students get 14 times more practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, get set and play.
if we enjoy doing something, we do it more!
As we do something more, we get better at it.
As we get better at doing something we enjoy doing it.
Flick the pointer for more times table practice
Say Cheese comes with a unique spin device – the times table pointer. Every time a kid wins the coins, she gets to spin the pointer and select the times table she wants to play with. Kids will want to get better at times tables so that they play better, win more cheese, and get to spin the pointer to play for their favorite times table.
Parents can select the numbers which they want their kids to practice
If you are playing the game with your child, you get the chance to decide the math times table. You can select the times table number you think your kids is weak at, and make them practice it. See, no brute force. This will also encourage them to gain a more competitive spirit and play more efficiently to get a chance to turn… err change tables.
Pizzas for Prime, Pastas for Composite
Look keenly, all the pizza coins are prime numbers. Being so they are not divisible by any other number. This gives you a great opportunity to introduce the concept of Prime numbers to kids. Every time you play, reiterate the fact about Prime numbers. After few game plays, you will see that your kids have
And here are some colorful printable multiplication worksheets that you can download for free
We are sharing few Say Cheese free multiplication worksheets. These are not computer generated math problems but carefully designed math activities that bring out real life applications of math. We are sure your kids are going to love them.
It's the feedback from you that keeps us going
Here is what users have to say about this game. It helps us stay focused, motivated and on our toes to design better math games every time.
Jason R.

as reviewed on amazon.ca

It does what it claims to do in that it forces you to recall multiplication tables in order to "win" and when other players get correct answers it also reinforces memory in the ones who's turn it isn't currently about the correct answers as well.
Karise and James Dolan

as reviewed on amazon.com

This math game is amazing. So it is set up to be for multiplication. It is a fast, fun game. This is a fantastic way to make learning fun. It gives focus practice as well. This is a great game for anyone learning math. My kids had a blast with it!
Joy D. Leftow

as reviewed on amazon.com

Great for younger children, beginning in first grade, to learn concepts related to math. The game is well made and makes children consider and think about the answers, a good mix of fun and challenge. This game will help children commit the table to memory.
Here are more resources to help you get even more math and logic practice
We have shared some multiplication tricks, DIY activities, creative classroom games and many other resources. Use them and help the kids find even more joy with math practice.
Fun Multiplication Game: Rollin’ With the Facts!
Multiplication can really make a kid’s head spin in every possible direction. Numbers are getting, doubled, tripled, added many times over, and who knows what else. It’s easy to see why a child would be fed up by the constant roadblocks that multiplication can throw up in her way. However, multiplication is one of the primary pillars of mathematics, and as such, it cannot be ignored.
Thanksgiving Math game – Gobble the Gobbler
As November paints its beautiful fall colors, we know it is time to get the Thanksgiving décor out. With families already prepping for the Thanksgiving dinner, why not add Thanksgiving zeal to our Math class? You have just reached the right place for a fun and easy Thanksgiving Math game. Here, we present a roll and cover multiplication activity called Gobble the gobbler.
Math Activities – Math Fact Wars!
Multiplication tables are terrifying tales and often a big nightmare for kids. To be honest, not even many adults are great at memorising multiplication tables. We have always been on a lookout to find some trick or some easy way which makes memorising multiplication tables easier. Of all the multiplication tables, the times 10 table has been the easiest one to memorise.
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