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Free Printable Halloween Math Worksheets pdfs

Combining fete and fear, Halloween is loved and enjoyed by kids alike. Why not add the Halloween fervor to Math? Introducing our amazing stack of Halloween worksheets! These Math Halloween worksheets are designed to be so much fun and... read more spooky that the kids won't even realize that they are practicing math at the same time. So, just click, print and solve away. It's that easy! read less
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Anaconda Mixup

2353 133

Bicycle Production

1732 121

Connect The Dots Gift Box

1164 29

The Bread Trail

1606 124

Unsafe Safe

1835 116

Connect The Dots Bus

2108 119

Colour Me 2

2190 127

Chocolate Mystery 1

2028 134

Thirsty Crow

4093 154


1702 117

Spot It If You Can

1868 150

Treasure Trail Bon Voyage

3038 183

Spare Part Table

1574 115

Anaconda Island

3625 167

Bone For Everyone

2561 159

2 D Jumble

2405 145

Swoop Swoop

1636 134

Infinity And Beyond

2235 127

Shop For My Ride

1981 130

Wonders Of Time 1

1980 125

Empty Again 0

1870 122

Picture In Picture Duck

1413 114

Connect The Dots Christma

1458 37

Journey Of Ball

1990 128

These Halloween worksheets are an excellent way to help your kids to get into a spooky spirit. Use these to celebrate October and have a scary good time! Along with these Halloween worksheets, why not try these scary fun math activities:

  • Counting pumpkins: Every child says a number in order from 1-100 but it should be a multiple of 5 (or any other number). The child who says the numbers correctly gets a pumpkin tattoo on his hand.
  • Drawing witch: Ask your child to draw and color a scary which using only geometric shapes. For example – triangle for hat, oval for face, rectangle for broom stick and looong isosceles triangles for loooong nails. Don't forget to send us the picture!
  • Dress me up: Gather all the funny props available at home and ask your child to COUNT and DIVIDE among her friends. They have to wear/apply/use all those props within 1 minute.
  • Halloween Facts - Create a spooky environment and interest children with some FUN facts about Halloween. Here are some:
    • The fear of Halloween is called "Samhainophobia.
    • Using pumpkins as Jack-o-lanterns is a custom that originated from ancient Celtic mythology.
    • The next full moon on Halloween will be in 2020.
    • The word witch is derived from "wicce" which translates to "wise woman".

Share some scary stories and make Halloween fun for them.

Hope your Halloween is spooky and fun!

Happy Halloween!

Tips to use math worksheets
Kids can practice counting and arithmetic skills, develop basic geometry skills and learn about money and practice how to tell time. Then, they can move on to more difficult topics like fractions, decimals, data interpretation using graphs, Venn diagrams and tally charts
Few tips:
  • Use them for a fun practice session and not as another part of homework.
  • Read the story with your child and help them relate to the problem.
  • Club these with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage your child to apply the mathematical concept repeatedly while solving them.