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Math Worksheets for Kindergarten, Grade 1 to Grade 5

Here we have compiled a comprehensive collection of resources for all math topics in the form of math worksheets. These math worksheets are for grade K to 5 and challenge children into thinking about where math fits in their daily lives. These math printable are organized by either topic or grade. These worksheets are perfect for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who want kids to practice math in a fun way in both classroom and homework activities.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Monkey Track

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Numbers worksheet - Monkey Track
This cute little monkey got lost. Can you help him reach the island by connecting all the numbers in sequence?


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Numbers worksheet - Auditions
The talent show is on. Tigers, lions and foxes are all there. Can you count them all for the organizers?

Monkey Business

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Numbers worksheet - Monkey Business
Monkey Business. Connect monkeys to the right bunch of Bananas and name it. Helps students practice on number to words and words to number skill. More advanced worksheets involve multiple operations simultaneously e.g. counting and then writing in words
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Grade 1 Math Worksheets

Winning Throw

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Numbers worksheet - Winning Throw
How many of you know what Shot Put is? It is a field event in which a heavy spherical ball is thrown as far as possible. Now, Sonu and Pappu have made it to the finals of the Olympics in Shot-put. There will be 10 throws each. Find out who wins in each throw and who wins the final round?

Team Work

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Numbers worksheet - Team Work
Team work of any kind requires a lot of discipline and ants know it best. Instead of fighting with each other they move in a queue to complete their work quickly. Fill the sequence on the sugar cubes to see how ants move.

Connect The Dots Dino

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Numbers worksheet - Connect The Dots Dino
Around 230 million years ago, huge animals inhabited the Planet Earth. They were massive in size and ferocious in attitude. Connect the dots and figure out the giant I'm talking about.
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Grade 2 Math Worksheets


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Numbers worksheet - Lassiwala
These 2 lassiwalas are neighbours but always fighting for more customers. Find out who sells more on a daily basis

Number Pyramid

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Subtraction worksheet - Number Pyramid
Find the secret egyptian code to get inside these number pyramids. Discover all the treasures when you solve the pyramid puzzle correctly

Maggi Mania

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Multiplication worksheet - Maggi Mania
Rohan And Sohan are two brothers. Today their family went to the market. So they decided to surprise them by making maggi for their family. They searched for the recipe in the book. But found that it was for only one person. Now they have to make it for 5. So they decide to use multiplication facts and calculate the new amount of each ingredients. Help them in calculating each of them.
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Grade 3 Math Worksheets

Detective Tukaram and Burning Office

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Division worksheet - Detective Tukaram and Burning Office
Detective Tukaram is out there to solve the case of burning office. Help him pickup the clues and find out where to look for the culprit


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Geometry worksheet - 5050
These everyday objects can be split in to mirror halves. Can you draw the perfect line of symmetry for each of these


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Weight worksheet - 1up
You know your kilogram and gram. But do you know weight? Estimate the weight of these objects in real life. How many more can you identify that weigh less than 1 kg
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Grade 4 Math Worksheets

Ding dong

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Numbers worksheet - Ding dong
This ancient temple has different types of bells. Color them with the right color to find the ancient music

Cowboy studs

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Fractions worksheet - Cowboy studs
Connect these cowboys with their studs. These

Intelligent fool

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Numbers worksheet - Intelligent fool
Complete the numbers in the petals of this strange flower. It is a fool that is going to push your thinking and intelligence
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Grade 5 Math Worksheets

Accountant Chatur Incomplete Bill

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Numbers worksheet - Accountant Chatur Incomplete Bill
Accountant Chatur is not so chatur it seems. He is leaving out a lot of information incomplete. Can you help him out before his manager scolds him

Angle in a Jolie

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Geometry worksheet - Angle in a Jolie
Are there any right angles in a table lamp? Help Madam Jolie find different types of angles in the objects in our surroundings.

A different view

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Geometry worksheet - A different view
See your day-to-day objects in a new light. How does your car look when seen from the top. What about the clock? Can you match the views?
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What makes these math worksheets so different?

Focused skill - Each math worksheet has major focus on one math skill at a time. The skill is so specific that you will know exactly what your child is practicing and learning from it. We aim at reinforcing those skills through repetition.

Story - based - Each worksheet has a story behind the math problem that help your child relate to it. These stories are friendly and imaginative to make them enjoy math. Stories help in easing problem-solving at elementary level math.

Colorful worksheets - Our worksheets are not just mere colorless worksheets. We have made it colorful and attractive to keep children more engaged while solving.

Soft skills - Our worksheets introduce soft skills like kindness, helping others, helping the environment and more in a subtle way. The stories talk about the helpers of our society, nature, animals, culture, places, etc., that make children connect more with what they see around them.

These free printable math worksheets for kids form as math help. Kids can utilize their math skills in these math puzzle worksheets which is filled with math problems for kids of all grades from K to 5. We know that math for kids is not too easy and so these free math worksheets will provide right kind of math practice. Download these fun math worksheets which are free printable worksheets. You can also directly print these math practice worksheets. Use them today and get math practicing started! Simply click the print button and get set to help your kids master in math!

Tips to use math worksheets
Our free math worksheets cover a multitude of topics in math. Kids can practice counting and arithmetic skills, develop basic geometry skills and learn about money and practice how to tell time. Then, they can move on to more difficult topics like fractions, decimals, data interpretation using graphs, Venn diagrams and tally charts.
Few tips:
  • Use these math worksheets for a fun practice session and not as another part of homework.
  • Read the story with your child and help them relate to the problem.
  • Club these math worksheets with math games (one math skill at a time) to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage your child to apply the mathematical concept repeatedly while solving the worksheets.

These worksheets are engaging and put across math problems in a manner that makes kids would want to solve them. If you don't see any math topic, ask. We are adding new worksheets all the time.

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