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Free Numbers Math Worksheets

Counting and number recognition are the basic math skill required from any child and are the building blocks to success in math. Our numbers worksheets, being colorful and engaging, help them in practicing math. The story develop thei... read morer reading skills. Practice skills like counting numbers, number names, successor and predecessor, number sequencing (missing numbers, after and before, count up and down), drawing pictures as per specified count, comparison of numbers and much more. read less

Brainx Premier League

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  • Number Names.
Students need to write in words the runs scored by each team. Then they must compare the two numbers...

Red Light

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  • Number sequencing. Numb...
  • Before after between
Woooo Wooooo Woooo. The minster is going with his convoy. Only one of the cars has the minister. Can...

Birds Mystery

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  • Counting Numbers-Number...
By this sheet the students will understand that counting is also a kind of subtraction.

Anaconda Island

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  • Writing numbers in expa...
  • Place value system. Num...
The hungry anacaonda's are out again. Quickly fill them up with all the numbers before they harm any...

My Jump

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  • Number comparision. Num...
These rabbits may have lost the race to the tortoise but when it comes to jumping, they are still th...

Ice Valley

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  • Definition of Volume an...
The ice factory makes ice blocks in 3 large sizes. Due to scorching summers the demand of ice is hig...

Beetle Board

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  • Number Tracing-Numbers ...
Your mother has created a new board game for you. It's called the Beetle Board. But due to some hurr...

Balance It

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  • Counting Numbers-Number...
An audition is going on for the funniest clown in a Circus. One of the rounds requires them to balan...

Earth Calling Apollo 1

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  • BODMAS Rule.
In 1967, the Apollo space mission was launched. A spaceship was sent to space for conducting studies...

Baby Pile

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  • Number sequencing (Miss...
Imagine you are a doctor in a big city hospital. This week a lot of babies have taken birth. Their p...

Alien Style

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  • Counting Numbers-Number...
A baby alien has fallen on Earth from outer space. He is very different from us. Can you count his n...

Hop in Hop out

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  • Factors and multiples
Here is the bus map for Logic City. Understand the yellow, blue and orange bus lines to move around ...

Hulala Huu Tribe

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  • Place value and face va...
The Hulala Huu tribe stores money in a different way. Can you understand their money system?

Garden of Eden

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  • Number to words
It’s the Eden Gardens. The most popular cricket ground in the country. Have a look at the huge crowd...

Winning Throw

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  • Counting Numbers.
  • Comparison of Two 2 Dig...
How many of you know what Shot Put is? It is a field event in which a heavy spherical ball is thrown...


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  • Number comparision
These 2 lassiwalas are neighbours but always fighting for more customers. Find out who sells more on...

Monkey Track

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  • Number seqencing. Numbe...
This cute little monkey got lost. Can you help him reach the island by connecting all the numbers in...


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  • Counting up to 20
The talent show is on. Tigers, lions and foxes are all there. Can you count them all for the organizers?

Team Work

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  • Number Sequencing (Miss...
Team work of any kind requires a lot of discipline and ants know it best. Instead of fighting with e...

Accountant Chatur Incomplete

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  • Decimal operations
  • Money
  • Reading bill
  • Percentage
Accountant Chatur is not so chatur it seems. He is leaving out a lot of information incomplete. Can ...

Connect The Dots Dino

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  • Number Sequencing (Miss...
Around 230 million years ago, huge animals inhabited the Planet Earth. They were massive in size and...

Ding dong

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  • Divisiblity test for 2
  • Divisiblity test for 5
  • Divisiblity test for 10
  • Factors
This ancient temple has different types of bells. Color them with the right color to find the ancien...

Monkey Business

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  • Completing a given patt...
  • Completing a given patt...
Monkey Business. Connect monkeys to the right bunch of Bananas and name it. Helps students practice ...

Intelligent fool

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  • Factors and Multiples
Complete the numbers in the petals of this strange flower. It is a fool that is going to push your t...
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Other number skills like finding largest and smallest number, ascending and descending, skip counting, identifying place value and face value of numbers, expanded form and short form of a number, even and odd numbers, ordinal numbers, roman numerals, regrouping, number tracing, understanding zero, rounding off and more can be practiced with our number worksheets. These numbers worksheets are perfect for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who are looking for something different from their monotonous curriculum.

These free printable math worksheets for kids form as math help. Kids can utilize their math skills in these math puzzle worksheets which is filled with math problems for kids from grade 1 to grade 5. We know that math for kids is not too easy and so these free math worksheets will provide right kind of math practice. Download these fun math worksheets which are free printable worksheets. You can also directly print these math practice worksheets. Use them today and get math practicing started! Simply click the print button and get set to help your kids master in math!

Why do you really need these worksheets?
  • Easy Homework: These Number printables are essential for Math revision at home or school as they offer 20x practice when combined with Math games. These are also ideal homework assignment.
  • Eradicate the ennui: As their fun, colorful, and story based character, these Math printables act as a good break from the rigorous Math data that kids are bombarded with every day in school and home.
  • Multi-functional: Not only do these printables focus on Math practice but also develop kids' logic & reasoning skills, Mental Math skills, word problem comprehension skills as well as develop good data interpretation along with some general knowledge.

Tips to use math worksheets
These numbers worksheets cover a multitude of skills numbers. A wide collection of math sums and puzzles with stories enhance the kid's creativity.
Few tips:
  • Read books on numbers and recognition of numbers.
  • Sing number rhymes and associate the number names with number cards or any written form of numbers.
  • Count concrete objects at home or class out loud.
  • Club these numbers worksheets with number games to get fun practice in number skills.
  • Make sure to understand each skill before moving on to other complex ones.
  • Involve them in virtual math by playing math games on educational apps like Mathaly and more.
  • Encourage our child to apply the mathematical concept repeatedly while solving the worksheets.

These number worksheets are engaging and put across math problems in a manner that makes kids would want to solve them. If you don't see any math topic, ask. We are adding new free math worksheets all the time.

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