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Free Easter Math Addition Worksheets & Word Problems

Addition is one of the basic math skill. Work on different addition skills like addition of two numbers of one digit, of three numbers of 1 digit, with zero, of 2 digit number with a 1 digit number with/without carry, of 2 digit numbe... read morer with a 1 digit number with/without carry, of two numbers of 2 digit with/without carry, of three numbers of 2 digit with/without carry and much more. read less
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Picture In Picture Christ

4788 195

Connect The Dots Mitten

4493 232

Plus Puppy

3841 170

Detective Tukaram And Run

4247 309

Picture In Picture Candy

2906 58

Totally Cricket

4263 214

Pipe Dream

6002 255

Connect The Dots Little C

2892 58

Whats Cooking 1

3808 204

Meter Down

3597 204

Landing Strip

4100 242

Color Me Santa Claus

2826 65

My Babies

3241 132

Picture In Picture Elepha

6082 303

Angry Machine

2922 161

Map Step

2667 153

Color Me Snow Man

3244 55

Color Me Angel

2269 39

Ramdas Oil Seller

4729 181

The Shortest Path

3777 244

Ram Das Oil Seller

2537 123

1079 Safe

2401 154

The Fat Gift

3100 96

Runs Ruins

6016 296

Our addition worksheets, being colorful and interesting, help them in practicing these skills one at a time. The story help them in developing their reading skills and relating to the problem more easily. These printable are perfect for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who are looking for something different from their monotonous curriculum.

Why do you really need these worksheets?
  • Good grasp: Practicing and perfecting addition is necessary because it the most basic Math topic. These addition worksheets are suitable for all age groups. By repetitive solving different addition printables, kids get better at it.
  • Only fun: Because of the fun, colorful and interesting character of these Math downloadables, revising or practicing addition skills will be only fun and not boring.
  • Story backed: As every addition Math printable is bounded by a different story, it becomes more fun to solve them. Kids find these stories relatable and fun, thus helping them to solve and practice better.
  • Super ideal: These addition worksheets are curated to suit every grade. Hence, a kindergartener to a 3rd grader can thoroughly enjoy it. It is ideal for play dates, homework and revision sessions.

Tips to use math worksheets
These printable cover a multitude of skills in addition. A wide collection of sums and puzzles with stories enhance the kid's creativity.
Few tips:
  • Club these printable with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Make sure to understand each step before moving on to other complex problems.
  • Before these worksheets, introduce the concept with concrete objects like food item, toys, objects for better understanding.
  • Addition with zero often confuse children. Make them practice more and more.
  • Involve them in virtual math by playing math games on educational apps like Mathaly.
  • Encourage our child to apply the concept repeatedly while solving the worksheets.