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Logic Roots Froggy Fractions Math Game - Fun Card Game for 9 - 12 Year Olds, STEM Toy with 24 Manipulatives & 72 Fraction Cards, Learning Gift for Kids (Boys & Girls), Homeschoolers, Grade 4 and Up

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  • HAVE FUN WITH FRACTIONS: Froggy Fractions is a captivating math board game. Kids team up with smart frogs to master fractions. Just by playing this cool game they develop three core fractions skills - reducing fractions to simplest form, converting mixed to improper fractions, equivalent fractions.
  • MULTIPLE SKILL LEVELS AND 12X MORE PRACTICE: It has 9 exciting levels with math integrated in each step. Perfect for kids between the ages of 9 to 12 (grade 4 and up) and aligned with elementary school education. The beginners level makes it suitable even for those who are starting to learn advanced fractions.
  • EASY TO START AND COLLABORATE: The competitive and co-operative gameplays are easy to grasp and get started in a jiffy. Players must use a combination of the pictorial and number cards to get ahead in the mind game. This indoor table-top game promotes team work and builds social skills through interactive play.
  • AWARD-WINNING, HIGH QUALITY STEM TOY: It has won several awards for its effectiveness in math learning. Enjoy it at your next family game night, kids party or as part of classroom or home school learning activities. It helps boost memory and improve concentration, which are critical to stem building activities.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR AGES 9 AND UP: This popular brain game makes for a unique Christmas present for boys and girls. Logic Roots aims to encourage fun learning while exploring core math concepts. Each fine grade component in the box is designed for superb durability so children can enjoy it over time.
Understand the game faster. Watch this video
Here is a how-to-play video for Froggy Fractions. Of course, the rule book has more information and tips, but we feel this video would be great to get you started…
All the rules – Right at your fingertips
Thanks to your feedback, Froggy Fractions is getting better day by day. Updated rulebook, interesting variations, you can find it all here…
Teachers, we know that teaching a big group is not easy
Our games are extensively used by teachers in their classrooms. We talk with you and understand the difficulties you face. From forming the right type of groups, helping 20 kids understand the game rules at the same time, to making sure they put it all back properly. It’s all documented in our helpful teacher guide. You can download it for free.
With Froggy Fractions you get 12 times more practice of 5 core math skills
Fractions are everywhere. Be it your kid’s birthday cake, or her marks. Better the fraction skills, math becomes that much more beautiful. Froggy Fractions is a fun card game through which you can engage your kid in hours of enjoyment practicing equivalent fractions.
Reducing fraction to simplest form
Identification of fractions
Fraction operations
Equivalent fractions
Make the most of Froggy Fractions…
We believe that to master a skill, we need repeat practice. Gamification is the best to generate repeat practice for kids and adults. With each game session of Froggy Fractions, students get 12 times more practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, get set and play.
if we enjoy doing something, we do it more!
As we do something more, we get better at it.
As we get better at doing something we enjoy doing it.
Turn math practice into a fun family ritual
Explore Froggy Fractions and other math games with your child. Get the latest Logic Roots math games for your child and turn math practice into a game instead of 'sums'.
Family Playing Math Game
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Harnessing the power of visual learning
Froggy Fractions is our step towards inculcating visual learning in kids. Lots of examples of fractions from real life situations where kids can see fractions as a part of a group and fractions as a part of a whole. They have to find equivalent fractions and it is much easier to visualize equivalence when it is visual.
And here are some colorful printable fraction worksheets that you can download for free
We are sharing few Froggy Fractions free fraction worksheets. These are not computer generated math problems but carefully designed math activities that bring out real life applications of math. We are sure your kids are going to love them.
It's the feedback from you that keeps us going
Here is what users have to say about this game. It helps us stay focused, motivated and on our toes to design better math games every time.
Melissa Hesia

as reviewed on amazon.com

So this math game focuses on fractions which I am horrible at. It helps with identifying fractions and the different components of them. Reducing fractions to the simplest form, you know, the main parts of fractions. The kids have played it a few times and they are about 8-11 year old range. I know it helps because they are getting faster. I definitely recommend this math game.
Maria Ramirez

as reviewed on amazon.com

This game was a great hit in my small group work with 4th and 5th grade math students. I highly recommend it!.
Fred & Kim

as reviewed on amazon.comChild's Parent

This is a great game to help 2-5 children have fun while learning and identifying fractions. It is also great for getting them to practice their fractions because the children think they are having fun "just playing a game of cards", while they are really learning while playing.
Here are more resources to help you get even more math and logic practice
We have shared some fraction tricks, DIY activities, creative classroom games and many other resources. Use them and help the kids find even more joy with math practice.
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