Jack Frost is nipping at our noses and everyone is busy gearing up for the magical holiday season. Adding to the Christmas spirit of giving, Logic Roots brings to you another amazing family math board game – Fractions Roll. And this Christmas printable math game is completely FREE! Yes, no spending involved. Just download and play.

What is Fractions Roll?

This is a free Christmas printable math game where kids will practice the following math skills:

  • Simplifying fractions
  • Adding two fractions to make 1

Contents of the Christmas Printable Math Game

  1. Fractions Roll Game Board
  2. 30 Fraction Cards

(Click the image to download the game printables)

What do you need to play this game?

  1. Place markers – equal to the number of players
  2. Printed Fractions Roll Game Board
  3. Printed Fraction Cards

Who wins?


The player to reach the finish point first wins the game. Rest of the players can continue playing to reach the finish point and decide upon the runner-ups.

Who moves first?

The player who celebrates her birthday last in a given year becomes the first player.

How to play Fractions Roll?

free christmas printable math game fractions game
  1. Spread the Fractions Roll game board.
  2. Shuffle the stack of Fraction Cards and keep them face down beside the game board.
  3. The 1st player begins the game by picking the top card from the stack of Fractions Card and placing it face up next to the stack.
  4. Let’s say she picks up a fraction card with 1/4 on it.
  5. Next, she will find the first fraction on the board which when added to 1/4 makes it equal to 1.
  6. So here she needs to find the first 3/4 or a fraction which when reduced to its simplest form equals 3/4.
  7. On the board, 9/12 is the first fraction which is equivalent to 3/4. Therefore she will move her place marker to 9/12.
  8. Next, it is the 2nd player’s turn. She will follow the same steps of picking the top Fraction Card; finding the first fraction (or equivalent fraction) on the game board to make 1, and placing her place marker on that fraction.

Special Cards

There are 3 kinds of special cards in the stack of Fraction Cards;

  • Move ahead 2 steps – If a player picks this card, she will move ahead 2 steps without doing any addition.
  • Move back 3 steps – If a player picks this card, she will move back 3 steps without doing any addition. In case the player is still at the start position, she will not make any move.
  • Miss your turn - If a player picks this card, she will stay put at her current place.

We hope that you have a lot of fun practicing fractions through this special Christmas gift. Do drop in your comments below about your experiences of playing this Christmas math game. If you are looking for a way to celebrate Christmas with math worksheets, look no further. Download Christmas worksheets for free and make this holiday FUN.