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Combining Lego and Math is one of the best ways to instill math concepts in kids. In fact, Lego Math is just the right kind of implicit learning which I look to provide my own kids and students. Over years I have found some great uses of Lego Math. So, here I am, with my Lego math ideas which can be easily put to use by teachers and parents.

Lego Math for Counting

Generally, we notice that kids, especially preschoolers, stumble while learning number counting. Therefore, I brought in the learning technique of Lego Math for this concept. It not only made counting more fun but often my children get so addicted that they don’t want to move to another subject.

lego math learn to count with lego number recognition number sense

How to use it?

  • Stack up the Lego blocks in a tower
  • Number each of them from 1-10 with a marker.
  • Ask the kids to count the blocks in an order

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Fractions are no more freaking with Lego Math

When I was a student, fractions always troubled me… even in my dreams! The theories of wholes, halves, quarters made me crazy. Tackling fractions has always been a tricky task for kids. But thanks to Lego math, I have been able to make this topic easier for my kids.

Lego Math Lego Blocks Fractions with Lego


How to use it?

  • Take a combination of Lego blocks with 12, 9, 6, 3 studs each
  • Next, ask your students to break it from the middle.
  • Now, block with 6 studs represents the fraction of ½.
  • Repeat again.
  • The block with 3 studs represents ¼ whereas block with 9 studs represents ¾ of the total part.

You can use Lego math in so many different ways to teach fractions. With Lego blocks, fractions tend to become easy as cheese for them.

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Don’t sigh while you multiply

Each of you shall agree that more than 75% of students are unable to memorize the concepts of multiplication. The commutative, associative or distributive properties are always confusing them. Here, Lego math came to my rescue greatly!

Lego Math Multiplication Learning with Lego Blocks

How to use it?

  • Let’s say we need to teach multiplication of 2×8
  • Take 2 Lego blocks with 8 studs each or 8 Lego blocks with 2 studs each.
  • Next, ask the kids to count the studs. And thus clarify the concept of multiplication for them.

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 Data-analysis with Lego Math

Finding mean, median, mode and range is a very important math topic. These are one of those math topics which continue to be applied and used lifelong. Thus, it is vital that kids clearly understand these concepts.

When finding the mean (arithmetic average), students quickly learn to add all of the data and then divide the total by the number of data points. But very few fully understand why they do this. Lego math can be very helpful here.

Lego Math Data Analysis Mean Median Mode with Lego

How to use it?

Create Lego towers by stacking up the Lego blocks. Create Lego towers of different heights by changing the number of blocks in each tower.

  • While evening out Lego towers of varying heights, students have a first-hand experience of what “mean” means. The visual effect in this lego math learning helps kids to grasp the concepts of difficult math problems on mean, median, and mode.
  • Similarly, the range can be explained by jotting down the value of the lowest and the highest block, simultaneously.

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Estimation and Probability

Estimating is an important math skill. This is one math skill which we use in our daily lives. We compare unit prices in stores, or just to guess how many candies we would get for a certain amount. Although these estimations may seem child’s play to us. But for a kid they are no as complex as rocket science. As students’ progress through grades, this topic gets more complex. That is why it is very necessary to make sure that the foundation of probability is thoroughly clear.  Here is a Lego math idea which won’t make learning probability seem like a herculean task.

probability with lego math

How to use it?

  • Get a jar full of Lego blocks and ask your tiny-tots to estimate the number. Another way is to create a Lego tower with 10 blocks and ask them the length of the tower.
  • If your student is new to probability, you might want to start with blocks of two colors or with three colors. But with the same number of Lego blocks per color.
  • You may  try putting different colored blocks in different bags and ask them to find the probability of finding a single color.

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Lego Math and Mensuration

Lego Math Area Perimeter with Lego blocks

Remember that time in childhood when we used to get jaded to death while studying mensuration. But here’s a better Lego math way we can adopt to make it a fun-filled chapter.

How to use it?

  • Allott a fixed value to each Lego block, say, 1 brick equals 2 cm.
  • Provide your students with dimensions of certain structures say a square, rectangle or buildings, towers or houses and ask them to make those using Lego blocks.
  • Later, divide them into groups and ask them to find the area, volume or perimeter of the structures they created and note it down.

Teaching symmetry with Lego Math

It’s very muddled to teach your students about symmetry. Especially if they are suffering from learning disabilities. Here is an amazing Lego math idea to teach symmetry to your kids.


Lego Math Symmetry with Lego Bricks

How to use it?

  • Lego blocks are great to teach symmetry. Create a baseline with Lego blocks. Next, create a figure with other studs on the left side of the baseline. Now ask your students to create a mirror image of the same figure. Watch them do it and once they are done, you explain the concept of symmetry.
  • Also, you may use bricks to create simple and short, yet incomplete patterns. Let your students complete the rest. Hence, it actually becomes interestingly playful teaching math using Lego.

Solve the algebra-trouble

Students dread algebra! So, if you are able to explain this topic to your students without any difficulties, you may consider yourself a fabulous teacher. Use this Lego math idea to teach algebra and I am sure your kids will fall in love with algebra.


algebra lego math lego blocks

How to use it?

  • Spread a large number of blocks on your table (but don’t count the number of blocks you’ve taken!) and assume the number as “x”.
  • Your children will easily be able to learn to form algebraic expressions like this one: taking out 2 blocks from the pile will change the expression to “x – 2”.
  • Similarly adding 3 more blocks will result in the formation of an expression “x + 3”. This will assist the kids to learn the basic facts on the topic.

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Thus you can find how simple Lego blocks can be used in your class to teach some of the crucial math concepts. And the more fun and spark you add in your teaching, more children are ready to accept and memorize the concepts.

Therefore if you have a bag full of Lego blocks at home, take them to your next math class. Use these Lego math ideas and see your kids being a pro on the subject in no time. And of course, don’t forget to leave us a comment on your experience of Lego Math in the classroom.

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