Understanding Fractions Game - math activities

Understanding fractions is not a piece of cake (no pun intended). It takes one student a long time to finally come to terms with the concept of wholes and halves. In this post, I will be introducing you two easy math activities which would not only familiarize the kids with the concept of fractions but are also a lot of fun. So without wasting much time, let’s see what these fraction activities are.

Understanding Fractions - How Many

Understanding Fractions Game - how many

“How Many?”

No, it’s not a question, it’s the name of the activity. It is a group activity in which the kids can participate and learn fractions. This activity has no time limit, it can be carried out for as long as desired. Play in birthday parties, play dates or picnic, and make children understand fractions in a FUN way!

Objects Required

Children, all you need are the children.

Download the free printable to play this game.

How to play “How Many”?

  • First, select 8 kids from the bunch.
  • Ask them to come to the front and stand, facing the rest of the children.
  • Divide the remaining kids into two teams.
  • The kids standing will be asked a question by an adult, if the answer to the question yes, then they will remain standing. If the answer is no, then they will sit down. (Download the free printable questions)
  • For each question, the teams (remaining children) will have to identify what fraction of the kids is standing.
  • Example - If the adult asks, do you have a brother or a sister? Then those kids (the 8 standing in front) who do have another sibling will remain standing, and the rest will sit down. Say 5 children are standing and 3 sit down. Then the class will have to answer that the fraction of kids are standing, which is 5/8.

Things to note

  • After every 4 questions, change the kids who will stand in front.
  • The children selected to stand can be selected at random from any or both the teams.
  • One fraction is thrown at one team. If the team does not answer then that question passes to the other team.
  • Only those kids who raise their hands will get a chance to answer. On speaking out of turn, or shouting the answer, the team would lose one point.
  • For every right answer, the team will gain 2 points. No negative marking for an incorrect answer.

Winning Team

The team with the highest score will win the game.

Understanding Fractions - Shake It Up

Understanding Fractions Game - counters

Shake It Up!

This activity, along with helping students learn fractions, will also hone their addition skills. This activity can include as many rounds as is desired by you.

Objects required

  1. Cups with lids
  2. Two-sided counters (one color on one side and a different color on the other side)
  3. And again, children!

Before the game

  • Divide the kids into teams of 4 (4 kids in one team)
  • Give a lidded cup and 15 counters to each team.

How to play

  • Ask the kids to take out a sheet of paper, or their notebook
  • They will put all the counters in the cup and put the lid on.
  • Now, whenever you would say “Shake it”, one student from each team would shake the cup and pour the counters on the table.
  • Without flipping any counter, they need to count how many of each color landed face-up.
  • For example, 6 red and 9 yellow landed face up, with a total of 15 counters.
  • They will note down (on their respective papers) the fraction for both the colors (6/15 and 9/15)

Things to note

  • Appoint a leader in each group who will shake the cup and empty it on the table.
  • No cheating is allowed, every kid has to write the fraction without sharing the answer with a fellow teammate or student.
  • If caught cheating, the child will be disqualified from the game.
  • After writing the answer, the kid will raise their hand, indicating they have finished.
  • You take a survey of all the team to see what fractions they got, and if everyone got it correctly.
  • After most of the hands are raised, ask the leader to count the counters and put them back in the cups again.
  • Only after you say “Shake it” can the leaders shake the cups, not before.
  • Whoever gets the fraction for both the colors correct will get 2 points, for one color he will get 1 point.
  • If he gets both the fraction wrong then he will get -1.
  • Calculate the total score of the team and note it down.

Winning Team

The team with the highest score at the end of the game will be declared the winning team.

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Activities and games can make any lesson fun and engaging for the kids. All you need to be aware of is when and how to conduct such activities to make the process of learning more enjoyable and retainable. So, how did you like these ‘understanding fractions’ math activities? Do share your thoughts. Stay tuned to know more such activities and games to be played with the kids that are fun AND educational.