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Mathaly - World's first "Social Math Game" for kids of Grade 1 - 5

  • 650+ math skills aligned to common core curriculum guidelines
  • Editor’s choice award for best app design
  • Play math with your kids. Don't just observe. Unique game play modes to let you do that
  • Top 50 edu-apps award 2014
  • More than 200+ levels to keep practicing all topics.
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Mathaly addresses 650+ math skills
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We have subdivided entire math curriculum in to skills based on learning patterns of kids. Each skill is made up of 3 parts - Topic, Difficulty, Visual Representation
Math curriculum is broken down in to 14 major areas like addition, subtraction, multiplication, length etc. These are often common across grades. Students learn addition in grade 1 and they also do addition in grade 4.
Difficulty of a topic is what changes with grade. For example, in grade 1 a child may be doing addition of 1 digit numbers but in grade 3, she will be exposed to addition of 3 digit numbers with borrow.
Visual Representation
For kids, visual representation of a problem is as important as the problem itself. They might find the same arithmetic problem to be more difficult based on its visual represenation. For example, a horizontal addition, vertical addition and addition on a number line are 3 different ways to represent the same problem.
Get a personal partner in math practice for your child
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With Mathaly, kids engage in a mountain climbing mission as they practice 650+ math skills aligned to their grade and curriculum. Download now to get 10 free climbing hooks.
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Mathaly helps you really understand concepts where 86% students stumble
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Unlike other apps, Mathaly is not a question bank of stock sums. We design our problems based on learning patterns of students.
Our data scientists carefully analyze learning styles of thousands of students across the globe to build patterns. These learning patterns help us identify common misconceptions and doubts across all math skills. Power of data helps us pin point issues and growth areas more accurately than other apps and even a private tutor.
We believe that parents are partners in learning, not just observers
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As parents, we get them to eat veggies. We cut down on their TV time. We teach them to save. Though it is not easy and has some short term pain, we do it because we have their long term benefit in mind. We know the power of good habits.
We motivate them, energise them and help them get on the right track when they are confused. As parents, we are active learning partners, like a great coach. Not mere observers in their learning journey. That is why Mathaly is designed to keep parents closely involved.
You help set learning goals
You know them best. You set the initial learning goals for them. Something that is just tiny bit beyond what they are used to.
You are always in the loop
We keep you in the loop with details like number of problems practiced, time spent, sessions completed. On specific occasions, we also share personalised growth areas for your child.
We help you be a great coach
We share free math workbooks, tips and techniques with you. We also send you reminders about next practice sessions as per the learning goals you have set.
To get the best out of Mathaly, play more
We believe that to master a skill, we need repeat practice. Gamification is the best to generate repeat practice for kids and adults. With each game session of Mathaly, students get 10 times more practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, get set and play.
if we enjoy doing something, we do it more!
As we do something more, we get better at it.
As we get better at doing something we enjoy doing it.
It's the feedback from you that keeps us going
Here is what users have to say about this game. It helps us stay focused, motivated and on our toes to design better math games every time.

as reviewed on microsoft.com

Very good app for kids My son loved it very much. He keep asking for playing Mathaly whenever he sits in his PC. You guys should have this for IPAD, so that we can make them do it and get our PC free.

as reviewed on microsoft.com

We have downloaded two days back and she is so much hooked to this app, that she wants to play this all the time. This game infact has generated interest of math in her. The genius-o-meter is very cool. She also likes the stars she got while playing the games.
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