Reduce Math Test Anxiety

Exam stress is an inevitable part of student life. Apart from the true geniuses, almost every mortal suffers from stress before a Math exam. You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape it- that is the truth. But why escape it anyway, you can beat stress before a Math exam and come out as the winner. Here’s how: follow these stress-relieving tips to reduce math test anxiety for a smooth sail:

9 Ways To Reduce Math Test Anxiety:

1. Music for the soul


reduce math test anxiety - music

Classical or ambient music has magical powers to boost your brain power. So, replace your current playlist with Bach, Mozart or Kenny G and calm your nerves. If possible, listen to it right till u reach the exam hall. This will surely help to reduce the math test anxiety and stress.

2. No tragedy with strategy


reduce math test anxiety

Plan. Follow. Repeat. You are the one who knows the syllabus and your capabilities. Work on the weaker sections till before 10 days of the Math exam. Focus on the stronger ones 5 days prior to the Math exam. Use the remaining time to revise.

3. Sleeping brainy


reduce math test anxiety - sleep well

Ensure you’ve had enough sleep of about 7-8 hours before your D-day to get rid of that math stress. A sleepy head will not let you focus during your Math exam. Sleep in time to reduce math test anxiety.

4. Meditate for Math

reduce math test anxiety - meditate

Breathe in breathe out and think of nothing for at least 1 min. Meditation is highly recommended to relieve mental stress. It won’t take much time and your child might also enjoy the whole process.

5. Master of your own universe

reduce math test anxiety - be positive

Relax your jittery nerves by telling yourself that you will do good. Be positive. Have faith in your mind and take control. You can and you will do good in your Math exam.

6. Resolve worst case scenarios

reduce math test anxiety - be prepared

There are so many external factors that cause stress before a Math exam, such as weather, transport, health, loss of commodities, etc. To avoid stress due to these, have a backup plan ready. If not ready, think of solutions in your head. For example, if you have a flat en route your Math exam, make sure you can call someone who will arrive quickly to pick you up.

7. Distraction Subtraction

reduce math test anxiety -no distractions

We all know how distracting social media can be, even if you innocently (yeah right!) check it for study purposes. Control your urges. Stay clear off your phones and Ipads. Remember, it is a waste of time during exam time. It is better to stay focused and is probably the best way to reduce math test anxiety and stress.

8. The Stomach and brain connection

reduce math test anxiety - eat well

Eat your meals regularly particularly before a Math exam. Have complex carbohydrates and sufficient water to fuel your brain to work hard. Once your brain is well fed, stress will be at bay. Diet plans can wait.

9. Walk your brain

reduce math test anxiety - walk

If the stress and anxiety become too much to handle and you are on the verge of a breakdown, the best remedy is to walk it out. Have a walk in the open where oxygen supply is high. It will not only serve as a mind break but will also physically energize you, hence increasing your performance. Relaxation among flora and fauna is a genuine remedy for stress. Don’t believe me? Research proves it.

6 Cs to relieve stress right before you start your Math exam

  1. Close your eyes and assure yourself that everything is going to be okay.
  2. Calmly read and listen to the instructions.
  3. Carefully go through all the questions before answering to gain confidence.
  4. Cautiously use your exam time. Avoid chatting and overthinking.
  5. Clearly, avoid getting distracted or disheartened.
  6. Conveniently use the last few minutes to go through your answers.

And once when you come out of the exam hall grinning, you will realize that it was not the end of the world! There are generations who have survived the Math exam, and you will be one amongst them. So buckle up and stay strong and stress-free! These few ways will surely help to reduce math test anxiety and stress. Got few more tips? Do share.