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Free PreSchool & Kindergarten Halloween Math Worksheets

Known to have short attention span, we have made these free kindergarten math worksheets attractive and colorful. With captivating illustrations, these worksheets are sure to make them enjoy math. These kindergarten printable will not... read more only help them in practicing but also in grasping the concept well. These concepts form a foundation on which advanced concepts can be practiced later. read less
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Hardware Store

6415 131

Connect The Dots Heart

7393 117

Monkey Track

11321 232

Sun And Shade

8066 171

Connect The Dots Chicken

5628 29

Sobo The Snail

7267 206

Shape Mix Up

7694 231

Alien Style D

6580 131

Bricks In The Wall

6228 124


11140 161

Penguin Pile

6032 121

Colour Me 4

7083 125

Color Me Bumblebee

5635 26

Brick By Brick

6292 122

Empty Again 3

5678 119

Light Room

8029 204

Food Count And Color

5331 26

Connect The Dots Fish

8108 127

Alien Versus Kids

5212 24

Upto 10

6037 134

I Scream For Ice Cream

5781 111

Color Me Lady Bug

5036 21

Cat N Candies

5750 118

Alien Style B

5868 138

These Kindergarten math worksheets have problems on counting, number recognition, number sequencing, patterns, comparing numbers, missing numbers, shapes, basics of addition and subtraction and much more. Each worksheet is intended to enhance your child's number skills.

Why do you really need these worksheets?
  • Start early go far: One may argue if kindergarten is really the age to start with printables, we would suggest why not! Parents & teachers certainly do not expect their 3-4 year olds to solve these printables completely. Having them involved in something remotest to their limited syllabi is always beneficial.
  • Perfect core: What has been taught in kindergarten is the basis of our education. Practising with these printables will only strengthen their foundation in Math in a fun way!
  • Hocus focus: We all know how impatient Kindergarteners are! Having them occupied for some time with these amazing Math printables will only teach them to focus.
  • Other than Math: Solving these worksheets will not only help them practice Math but also fine-tune their pincer grasp by learning how to hold the pencil while writing or coloring.
Tips to use math worksheets
These Kindergarten printable cover a multitude of topics. Kids can practice counting, compare numbers, understand greater than, less than, missing numbers and much more.
Few tips for Kindergarten worksheets:
  • Start counting things around the house to get more concrete practice in counting numbers and sequencing.
  • Talk about the shapes of toys or things like 'round ball', 'triangle hat', 'square sponge', 'rectangle soap' and so on.
  • Sort different kinds of pebbles, buttons or coins to enhance analytic thinking and fine motor movements in your child.
  • While solving, ask them to tighten the grip of pencil, sharpies or crayons to write better.
  • Read the story with your child and help them relate to the problem.
  • Club these Kindergarten worksheets with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage your child to apply the mathematical concept repeatedly while solving these.