Multiplication tables are terrifying tales and often a big nightmare for kids. To be honest, not even many adults are great at memorising multiplication tables. We have always been on a lookout to find some trick or some easy way which makes memorising multiplication tables easier. Of all the multiplication tables, the times 10 table has been the easiest one to memorise. Same can be said for the times 11 table too.


multiplication 11But, as we approach the 2 digit numbers, the super-cool looking, easy-peasy times 11  multiplication table suddenly takes on a nasty look. Some geniuses may remember 11 times 11 as 121 as it is a squared number, but further ahead it is indeed a knotty trail.

Is there a solution?

Yes, the happy news is, we have a great math trick for you which will turn multiplying numbers with 11, a cake walk. After learning this trick, one will be able to multiply any number with 11 within seconds, and an even better news is that this trick requires no memorization, the reason which makes multiplication tables a daunting task.

Times 11 Multiplication Trickmagic-hat-psd

Evidently, we all know that the trick to multiply any number by 10 is to add 0 behind the number. Similarly, here is a multiplication trick to obtain 11 times of any two digit number.

Here it goes:

Step 1: Determine the two digit number with whose 11 times multiplication you need to find. For the sake of explanation, let us take 72.

Step 2:  Take the number, and then imagine it as a 3 digit number with its middle number missing. For our number, 72, it will be represented as

7 _ 2

Step 3: Now add the two available digits and place the result in the middle of the two numbers to obtain the 11 times of your chosen number.

To show the working in our example:

7 (7+2) 2

And, we have our answer; 11 times 72 equals


The Road Block

It may happen that the sum of the two digits results into another two-digit number. So, what should we do in this case?

Say, we need to find 11 times 89. Following the steps given above here is how we approach the multiplication problem in this case:

Step 1: To find 11 times of 89

Step 2:

8 _ 9

Step 3:

8 (8+9) 9

Now, 8 + 9 results to 17 which is a two-digit number. The answer, in this case, will not be 8179. Instead, we insert the second number, 7 of 17, in between 8 and 9 and add 1 to 8 of 89.

To show:

8 (8+9) 9

8 17 9

(8+1) 7 9

and voila! Here we have the answer:

11 times 89 equals


Isn’t it easy! This trick is quick to learn and can be used by anyone in any life situation where they have to multiply any two-digit number by 11. Teach this multiplication trick to your kids and ask them to keep it up their sleeves as this may come handy at any time in school, or in exams.

We will be back with more math tips and tricks for you to make math easy and more fun for you. Till then keep practicing math and keep those math blues away.