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DIY Addition & Subtraction Game Number Well

    Understand the game faster. Watch this video
    Watch this video to learn how to play this DIY Addition & Subtraction Game Number Well. We feel this video would be great to get you started.
    Download Number Well game sheet to play
    Number Well activity sheets - you can download here for free
    Numbers have fallen in the well. They need your help to get out. But they can be pulled out only in pairs. Find adjacent pairs that add up to 10 and color them with the color of your choice. Now it is the next player's turn.
    Description: Number well is a quick addition and subtraction game for kids 4 years and up. This is a DIY math game that you can play at home. Just watch the video and get started.
    What do you need for this math game?
    • 2 crayons
    • Number well game sheet - you can download here for free
    Who wins?
    • The player who makes most number of pairs, wins
    Who moves first?
    • The youngest player moves first
    How to Play ?
    • Get the crayons and the game sheet ready
    • The players must chose 1 crayon each. This is their color for the game
    • The first player will find 2 numbers that add up to 10. These numbers must be in adjacent cells (horizontal or vertical)
    • Once you find one such pair, color the cells with YOUR color. Now you own these squares
    • Now it is the next player’s turn and so on
    • If you cant find a pair in your turn, you just pass and it is next player’s turn
    • Once all pairs have been spotted, players will count the number of squares with their colors
    • The player with most number of squares, wins.
    Base skills required
    The game is ideal for kids aged 4+. The math skills required before you play this game are
    • Counting up to 10
    • Addition up to 10 using fingers
    Math and logic skills that kids will practice
    • Addition of 1 digit numbers - They find a pair of number that adds up to 10. On every turn, they at least perform 5 additions to spot the correct pair
    • Counting upwards - If kids do not know addition, help them to count upwards using fingers.
    • Subtraction of 1 digit numbers from 10 - Once kids play more, they start subtracting numbers. Say they spotted a 6. So they quickly subtract 6 from 10 and see if there is a 4 that is adjacent to this 6.
    • 4 years and up
    • Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
    This is a very colorful game. Kids cherish the end result and keep it with them. So play it regularly. We will update more Number Well game sheets over time here so that you get a new game every time. If you have more ideas for DIY math games at home, please write to us. We will make a video and give credit to the author.
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