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Fun with addition! Mountain Raiders is that and much more…

  • Fun game play: Beat the monsters & climb the beanstalks to find the hidden treasure on the magical number mountain. Master addition with the warriors
  • Math Skills: As they play, children develop fluency in number recognition and 3- digits number sequencing
  • Easy Start: Kids just need to know counting before playing this game. Its that easy to start
  • Age 7+: Perfect educational game for boys and girls 7 years & up or students in grade 2 and up. One of the best family games
  • Family time: lots of fun for the entire family. Perfect way to spend an evening bonding over math and fun
Understand the game faster. Watch this video
Here is a how-to-play video for Mountain Raiders. Of course, the rule book has more information and tips,but we feel this video would be great to get you started…
“A Rulebook to go” – Mountain Raiders digital rulebook to keep it handy all the time
We keep improving our games and it happens only because of your valuable feedback. Updated rulebook, interesting variations, you can find it all here…
With Mountain Raiders, you get 11 times more practice of addition skills
Add more, add better. Practice more, practice better. This game provides practice of 3-digit number addition skills in a truly fun way.
Addition of two 2-digit numbers without carry
Addition of two 2-digit numbers with carry
Addition of 2 and 3 digit numbers without carry
Addition of 2 and 3 digit numbers with carry
Comprison of 3-digit numbers
Before-After-Between for 3-digit numbers
Number sequencing for 3-digit numbers
Turn math practice into a fun family ritual
Explore Mountain Raiders and other math games with your child. Get the latest Logic Roots math games for your child and turn math practice into a game instead of 'sums'.
Family Playing Math Game
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To get the best out of Mountain Raiders, play more
We believe that to master a skill, we need repeat practice. Gamification is the best to generate repeat practice for kids and adults. With each game session of Mountain Raiders, students get 11 times more practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, get set and play.
if we enjoy doing something, we do it more!
As we do something more, we get better at it.
As we get better at doing something we enjoy doing it.
The numbers on the board are sequenced in a special manner
The Mountain Raiders game board has been designed with a lot of thought and care. The numbers are not randomly strewn around. Instead they are carefully placed after a lot of testing. This systematic numbers arrangement induces more math practice, helps with game’s visual progression, and also optimizes time.
20-faced dice for advanced addition practice
The Mountain Raiders game is an advanced level addition game for elementary kids. It covers addition of 2 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers. That is why we introduced the special 20-faced dice which covers numbers from 1 – 20.
And here are some colorful printable addition worksheets that you can download for free
We are sharing few Mountain Raiders free addition worksheets. These are not computer generated math problems but carefully designed math activities that bring out real life applications of math. We are sure your kids are going to love them.
It's the feedback from you that keeps us going
Here is what users have to say about this game. It helps us stay focused, motivated and on our toes to design better math games every time.

as reviewed on amazon.co.uk

The 2nd graders in my class had an easy enough time playing this game. It allowed them to practice addition through game-play. This game can be played with 2-4 players. The students had fun playing the game.
B. Shreejaya Raj

as reviewed on amazon.in

Definitely a good product . On the positive side helps children improve addition skills. Though the product is designed only for addition After reaching the mountain top I asked the children to alight from the mountain by subtraction . So it can be used both ways upward for addition and downward for subtraction.

as reviewed on amazon.com

My 6 year old granddaughter got this game for Christmas. It is challenging enough to hold her interest and I'm sure it will improve her addition skills.
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