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Multiplication Tables Game - Box It

    Understand the game faster. Watch this video
    Watch this video to learn how to play this Multiplication Tables Game, Box It. We feel this video would be great to get you started.
    Download Box It math game sheets to play
    Box It multiplication activity sheets - you can download here for free
    A simple dice can help you win. Or in our case, a pair of simple dice. As long as you know your tables, you can beat anyone at BoxIt. Even if you dont know, it is a ton of fun, strategy and planning.
    Description: Box It is a multiplication tables game. Kids will practice tables up to 6 as they try to capture the board. Beautiful colors and strategy make this fast paced game a ton of fun. You have not seen multiplication practice like this.
    What do you need for this math game?
    • 2 crayons
    • 2 dice
    • 1 box-it activity sheet (free download)
    Who wins?
    • The player who makes owns most number of boxes, wins.
    Who moves first?
    • The youngest player moves first
    How to Play ?
    • Download the attached printables. It has all the content you will need to play.
    • The first player will roll the 2 dice. Suppose you get a 6 and a 2. Multiply the two numbers. You will get 12
    • Find the number (12 in this case) on the Box It sheet.
    • Each number is boxed between 4 dots. You can connect any 2 dots around the number.
    • Now it is next player's turn. The game continues like this.
    • When you close a box i.e. you draw a line that completes the 4 sides of a square, you become the owner of the box. You can now color it with your crayon.
    • The game continues till all the boxes are done.
    • The player who owns most number of boxes, wins
    Base skills required
    The game is ideal for kids aged 5+. The math skills required before you play this game are
    • Multiplication tables up to 6
    Math and logic skills that kids will practice
    • Multiplication tables up to 6 - Kids will do one multiplication fact on each turn. They will then find this number on the sheet and color it. They usually do between 30-50 facts in one game session
    • Strategy - Kids quickly learn to plan ahead and define moves that gives them maximum chances of victory
    • 5 years and up
    • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
    This is a very colorful game. Kids cherish the end result and keep it with them. So play it regularly. We will update more game plays over time here so that you get a new game every time. If you have more ideas for DIY math games at home, please write to us. We will make a video and give credit to the author.
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