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1st Grade math involves basics in numbers, addition, shapes and much more. Kids are excited to learn new math concepts. It is vital that they get utmost practice and apply those math skills repeatedly in ... read morea NON-BORING way. Here we have FUN math games for 1st graders giving them up to 10 times more practice. Enjoy an undersea adventure or play with animals. Each math game has a story to relate with. So bond with your kid over these fun math games. read less
Math skills
- Numbers
- Recognition of number shapes
- English and Hindi numerals
Life skills
- Flexibility
6 times more practice in the same time ?
Math is all about practice. Our scientifically designed learning tools helps the young students practice up to 20 times more in the same time. Thereby building proficiency & interest.
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More First Grade Math Worksheets, Games and Activities
Ocean Raiders
11 times more practice in the same time
Say Cheese
14 times more practice in the same time
Dr Math (Grade 1)
5 times more practice in the same time
Few Tips for math games for 1st graders:
  • Our math games help in reinforcing math skills. Kids should practice at their own pace. Remove the element of time when you play these math games with your kids.
  • Convert family time into game time. Bond over these games and enjoy each other's company. These math games for kids are add the FUN element in math practice. Do not treat it as a serious math practice tool.
  • These math games for 1st graders will help you track your kids progress in math. With each time the game is played, children will improve on their speed, accuracy, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Make sure to use the components of the math games like Logic Slates and sharpies to get better math practice.
  • Try not to help, correct or interrupt the child while counting with fingers or on their heads. They must make the moves after they come to the math solution on their own.
  • Challenge your kids in a healthy way. Make strategic moves to make them think critically and logically.
  • Promote healthy competition among friends and siblings when play these math games.
  • Board games are fun and math board games are educational as well. Carry these games in picnics, play dates, birthday parties and more to help children enjoy math (and not be afraid of it).
  • Gift these math games to other children to make them stay motivated in math. These math games can be a memorable and valuable gift for children in their elementary school life that balances learning and pleasure.
  • To make math practicing more fun, download FREE math worksheets for kids that are colorful and story - based.
  • Subscribe to one of the most gamified math app - Mathaly. Experience math practice like never before and stay updated with their progress.
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