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Number Recognition & Counting Game - Count Match

    Understand the game faster. Watch this video
    Watch this video to learn how to play this Number recognition and counting game Count Match. We feel this video would be great to get you started.
    Download Count Match Cards & Rules to play
    Printable Colorful Count Match Cards & Rules - Download here for free
    Numbers live in the number home of Outnumber. Today there was a party and a lot of numbers came. Some kiddy numbers are playing games and hiding from their mommy numbers. Can you match them?
    Description: Count Match is a quick and easy game to master number recognition and counting. It is perfect for kids 3 years and up. This DIY math game can be played at home. Just watch the video to get started.
    What do you need for this math game?
    • Outnumber number tiles (10 nos) - Part of downloadable
    • Outnumber count tiles (10 nos) - Part of downloadable
    Who wins?
    • The player who makes most number of pairs, wins
    Who moves first?
    • The youngest player moves first
    How to Play ?
    • Download the attached printables. It has all the content you will need to play including printing instructions. You are free to use this content at home. You can also buy this game from Amazon in your country or from our website.
    • Once you have done the printing, take out 10 number cards (1 to 10) and 10 count cards (1 to 10)
    • Shuffle them and place them face down in a grid
    • The first player will open one card and keep it facing up. Now the second player moves
    • The second player will open any other card. If any of the open cards form a pair (count and number cards match) then you can collect the pair
    • The game continues till at all the cards are taken
    • The player with most number of pairs, wins.
    If you don't want the hassle of printing?
    You can always buy this game from Amazon in your country or from our website. It comes with 60 thick and glossy cards, a beautiful hut shaped box and instructions.
    Base skills required
    The game is ideal for kids aged 3+. The math skills required before you play this game are
    • Number recognition
    Math and logic skills that kids will practice
    • Number recognition - They spot a number and say it out aloud. Every number has a special shape that aids recall. Look at how 4 is standing on one leg or how 3 has a large angry mouth.
    • Counting - Kids will count the objects given in the count cards to form pairs.
    • 3 years and up
    • Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
    This is a very colorful game. Kids cherish the end result and keep it with them. So play it regularly. We will update more game plays over time here so that you get a new game every time. If you have more ideas for DIY math games at home, please write to us. We will make a video and give credit to the author.
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