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Free 2nd Grade Christmas Math Worksheets

In second grade, children learn many new concept and also are expected to master the math concepts they have learnt so far. Sounds a lot of work, right? Well, these free 2nd grade math worksheets will ease that stress in a fun and eng... read moreaging way. Our printable for grade 2, being colorful and interesting, help them engage and enjoy practicing. The story help them in developing their reading skills and relating to the problem more easily. read less
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Picture In Picture Christ

5893 225

Color Me Hot Air Balloon

4984 119

Color Me Santa's Reindeer

4410 158

Color Me Santa Claus

3556 73

Color Me Ship

2511 41

Color Me Jesus' Birth

2720 53

Connect The Dots Christma

2288 43

Connect The Dots Gift Box

2037 29

Connect The Dots Christma

2331 38

Connect The Dots Church

2076 32

Color Me Gift Box

1767 34

Color Me Jingle Bells

1856 31

Connect The Dots Invisibl

1709 25

Sea Shell Cross Word

1543 27

Color Me Penguin Celebrat

2240 51

Connect The Dots Gingerbr

1802 24

Picture In Picture Mitten

1579 21

Busy Bees

10682 427

Construction Instruction

9867 367

Wuff Wuff

5984 246

Jingle Jingle

6206 205

Family Plan

5254 229

Every Drop Counts

4605 182

I Am Taller

3882 166

Not just addition and subtraction worksheets, but also other topics need to be practiced. Basic skills like addition of 3 digit numbers with and without carry, subtraction of 3 digit numbers with or without borrow, basics of fractions, learning the concept of area and perimeter, graphs, telling exact time and so on, have to be drilled in their minds. All they need is practice and that's what we provide here in a fun manner. These second grade printable are perfect for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who are looking for something different from their monotonous curriculum.

Why do you really need these worksheets?
  • Many skills with one printable: Not only do these printables assist in Math practice but also in developing kids' reading and comprehension skills, general knowledge as well as Mental Math skills.
  • Suits all second graders: These Math downloadables are curated perfectly to fit a 2nd graders Math-ability! It is easy to do and follow, colorful, and children find the stories very relatable.
  • Breaking the monotony: These printables channel the inquisitiveness of a second grader in the right direction by allowing them to practice in a fun way! These printables can be easily replaced with revision sessions at home or school before a test. Also, you could print a few of these for road trips or visit to a restaurant!
Tips to use math worksheets
These printable for grade 2 cover a multitude of topics in second grade math. Kids can practice addition and subtraction, money, geometry and fractions and much more. A wide collection of math activities and puzzles with stories enhance the kid's creativity.
Few tips for Grade 2 worksheets:
  • Second graders have lot of enthusiasm. Use that in simple activities in class or home.
  • Try to introduce them to virtual math practicing by playing games on educational apps like Mathaly.
  • Ask them to read the story and relate to the problem.
  • Club these printable Grade 2 Worksheets with math board games to get more than 20 X practice.
  • Encourage your child to apply the concept repeatedly while solving the 2nd grade word problems.