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Everything to help you get the most out of PET ME. All in one place

  • MATH IS SOCIAL: Let kids discover the fun side of math when they go on this amazing pet park adventure with you. Feed pets, win hearts and get 20 times more math practice with this award winning educational family game.
  • VERY EASY TO START: We have designed the game so that even kids who just know counting can play the game and ace at division. Every child has a right to discover the joy of math.
  • STEM GAME: Pet Me is an awesome math game that boosts your division skills. It is perfect for primary school kids and above. It is a math dice game aligned to common core and Singapore math guidelines
  • PERFECT GIFT: Pet Me makes a great gift for girls and boys. An educational family game that you all will love. Winner of several awards including Brain Toy, Best Game, Family choice and more.
  • WHO IS IT FOR: Kids (age 8 and up) will have a great time. Beautiful pets, bright park and easy to master game play.
Understand the game faster. Watch this video
Here is a how-to-play video for Pet Me. Of course, the rule book has more information and tips,but we feel this video would be great to get you started…
Understand the advanced gameplay of Pet me. Watch this video
Here is the advanced gameplay for Ocean Raiders.
Nothing beats the rule book when it comes to details
Find here the most up-to-date rules and game play for Pet Me. We keep updating this rule book from time to time based on the teacher feedback and our user tests. Download the latest version here for free...
With Pet Me, you get 4 times more practice of division skills
For Pet Me, the practice jump is 4 times. And a child will get exposed to the following skills with each game play.
Division as repeated subtraction
Division facts for 1-digit numbers
Division of 1-digit numbers without remainder
Division of 2-digit numbers without remainder
Multiplication facts upto 10
Turn math practice into a fun family ritual
Explore Pet Me and other math games with your child. Get the latest Logic Roots math games for your child and turn math practice into a game instead of 'sums'.
Family Playing Math Game
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To get the best out of Pet Me, play more
We believe that to master a skill, we need repeat practice. Gamification is the best to generate repeat practice for kids and adults. With each game session of Pet Me, students get 4 times more practice. The more you play, the better you get. So, get set and play.
if we enjoy doing something, we do it more!
As we do something more, we get better at it.
As we get better at doing something we enjoy doing it.
Real-life division practice
When a kid lands near a group of pets, she has to actually divide the food equally among the pets. This step is ingrained into the rules for helping kids understand real division. Pet Me helps kids learn hands-on division. This technique has proven to be better than notebook division, which is almost mechanical.
1 Pink heart = 10 Red Hearts
While kids might think that they are calculating their hearts, they may actually be practicing skip counting. This feature was deliberately snuck into this entire gameplay with exactly that intention. Learning need not always be on the face. At times we can induce learning even with the tiniest of gestures.
And here are some colorful printable division worksheets that you can download for free
We are sharing few Pet Me free division worksheets. These are not computer generated math problems but carefully designed math activities that bring out real life applications of math. We are sure your kids are going to love them.
It's the feedback from you that keeps us going
Here is what users have to say about this game. It helps us stay focused, motivated and on our toes to design better math games every time.
as reviewed on amazon.com

Wonderful pictures! The board is sturdy with all pieces neatly organized. Fun to play and really accomplishes the goal without getting boring.For age 7-10 .
as reviewed on amazon.com

Liked it very much. Nice board game for division. Kids play it all the time.
as reviewed on amazon.in

A very interesting game. Had fun playing it with my child. Very easy and fun way to learn division with very good graphics.
Here are more resources to help you get even more math and logic practice
We have shared some division tricks, DIY activities, creative classroom games and many other resources. Use them and help the kids find even more joy with math practice.
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