zap it math activity math game

Zap It! is a math game which will help your kids practice math facts and boost their accuracy and speed. This game is a lot of fun and can be played for hours. Creating this game is easy. Involve your kids and turn it into a creative bonding session with them.

Objects Required for Zap It Math Game For Kids:

  1. 50-60 Flat Ice Cream/ Candy Sticks – You can easily obtain 30 sticks for a dollar from the nearby Dollar Store.
  2. Sketch Pens or Markers – Or you can even print out the math facts. Just download our printable given below.
  3. A plastic container or glass jar – You can easily use your old pickle jars, jam jars etc. Want to know an easy way to remove those sticky labels?

What Now?

  • Using the marker or the sketch pens, write down a math fact on each ice cream stick without putting the answer.
  • For every 15 sticks, include 3 sticks with ‘Zap It!’ written instead of math facts.
  • Create as many sticks as you want.
  • Store the sticks in the container.
  • While the sticks are in the container/jar, make sure that the content on sticks is well-hidden. You can download this colorful ‘Zap It’ label, print it and stick it to your jar to hide the facts on the sticks.

Your Zap It math game is now ready.


zap it jars math game for kids

How to play the Zap It Math Game for Kids?

No. of players: 2 or more

  • Timed game; suggested time is 5 minutes for one round. It can be modified depending on the number of sticks, or consensus of players.
  • Make the players sit around the Zap It Math Game jar.
  • Set the timer for 5 minutes and start the game.
  • One by one, each player will draw a stick; put it in front of others and read out the math fact.
  • Next, they will try and solve the math fact on the stick and speak the answer out loud.
  • If the answer is correct, the player keeps the stick.
  • If the player goes wrong, the next player gets a chance to keep that stick by telling the correct answer.
  • If none of the players answer the math fact correctly, the stick is set aside.
  • If any player draws the ‘Zap It!’ stick, then she will have to set aside her entire stick collection and has to re-start from next turn.
  • If the jar runs empty before the set time, the sticks set aside are replaced in the jar and the game is resumed.

Who wins?

The player with the maximum number of sticks at the end of the game wins.

What more?

You can create the Zap It math game for practicing all kinds of math facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. It can be a great learning tool for senior kids to memorize math formulas too. A lot of innovations can be brought about with the game. Below we are suggesting few just to get those ideas rolling in your head:

  1. You can innovate with the Zap It! sticks and write conditions on them.
  2. Create a separate Zap It Math Game jar for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Conduct game of a single math operation or a mixed bag game.
  3. Add spunk to the game by painting the sticks in different colors, but do not give all the ‘Zap It!’ sticks the same color.
  4. Decorating the ‘Zap It!’ jar is another way of adding the cool factor to the game.

The best thing about Zap It math game is that it can be modified in numerous ways and for many other subjects. The game can be played by kids as well as elders and can be a great group math activity at home, schools and even at parties. A math-themed party with this game can be a super-hit party idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Collect those ice-cream sticks and get set for hours and hours of fun with your kids.