Can it get merrier than this! Christmas is just around the corner ( yay!) and your kids are already asking for everything. It is like somehow kids know you cannot say no to them during this time, so they ask for everything they could possibly have. However, apart from the long list, they also expect you to find that one special Christmas present that will change their entire year around.

I have put up a list of top toys to gift kids this Christmas that will make them oh! so happy.


Holiday time is a wonderful time for parents to teach kids the joy of giving, the importance of giving it back to fellow humans, animals, and mother earth. This game is a great amalgamation of the right kind of value, a great skill that it touches upon and a fun-filled family time. PET ME is a math board game that caters to the skill of division. The player needs to feed food between cute cats, alluring parrots, and adorable dogs.

Buy here $29.99

Age: 8 and up


Pieface game is a head to head race where a players load their arm with whipped cream, then place their chin on the chin holder. At the count of three, both the players rigorously press the red button next to them in order to move the pie towards the opponent. It is a highly entertaining and competitive game. It is an appropriate game for a party or family get together. There is no age bar for this game, as there is no age bar to having fun.

Buy here $24.99

Age: 5 and up


It is a strategy based game where you challenge your opponent to rule the grid. Appropriate for age group 4 and above, this coins game is playful, exciting, and skillful. There is a great way of learning involved in form of strategy building, competitive learning, social play, and more.

Buy here $12.99

Age: 6 and up


Isn’t holiday season a bit magical! OF COURSE! This game goes well with the theme of the holiday for me as it involves aliens and a magical planet. It makes a great story for kids. They get to learn subtraction and addition in the magical alien world. It is a wonderful game for the family get together or plays dates. Cloud Hoppers can be played by kids age 6 and up.

Buy here $24.99

Age: 6 and up


Okay, this is absolutely silly but, it makes sense to me during holidays. Basically, you and your friends feed the hungry pig and it starts getting full. You feed it until it’s stomach pops. It does work on number recognition and color recognition to some extent. But, I think what makes it stand out is the excitement, suspense, and thrill that it creates in the players as to when the pig would pop.

Buy here $17.88

Age: 4 and up


This game has 100 translucent, colorful, shapes that give kids all the freedom to imagine, create, and construct whatever comes to their minds. It develops math, science, spatial, and tactile skills. It can provide hours of creativity, learning, and activity for kids. This can be played alone and with friends which makes it so fun.

Buy here $119.99

Age: 3 and up


This toy goes hand in hand with the spirit of holidays. This has a beautiful doll that comes out of the glittery, shiny seashell. It is such a beautiful visual experience (coming out of the shell). This can go in someone’s stalkings for the Christmas Eve. It builds a great amount of anticipation and excitement in kids. It comes with some accessories for the doll as well.

Buy here $29.88

Age: 8 and up

I am sure I have missed out on some great games, but these were my top toys to gift kids this Christmas. I have already bought a few to give to the kids in my family. A lot of parents have started exploring STEM games for their kids. There are a lot of STEM games for children that focus on particular skills as well as the fun factor. Along with the specific STEM segment, parents and kids are looking into educational games for kids to make the most out of the playing experience. A shift has been noticed with a major section preferring board games as playing board games hold a lot of health benefits. I hope the list helps you find some great gifts to gift to your kids. Do not forget to share with me which out of these is your favorite.