gifts for kids 10 year to 13 year boys and girls

I am no expert in everything but what I am superb in, is selecting gifts for kids. Surrounded by kids ranging in the age of 10 year old to 13 year old, I had to struggle with gift ideas initially. But with lots of patience, experience and thinking, I was able to successfully own the title ‘she knows what she’s doing’ as I chose best gifts for 10 year old to 13 year old kids.

What I realized that instead of gifts that give temporary happiness, one should always go for GIFTS FOR LIFE,  gifts that kids of that age cherish and value for life. And my suggestions have helped many, I am hoping that it will help you too.

These are top 10 gifts that I think is perfect for kids of age between 10 year to 13 year old, based on characteristics of kids. If you have some specific query, feel free to comment. I will be happy to clear your doubts.

Gifts for 10 year to 13 year old with super-powers

And by super powers I mean the skill your kids are passionate about. So much so, that they are thriving to master the skill and ready to make sacrifices. They may call it a hobby but we know it is much serious than that. It is important to give them something that has a long term value and productive throughout their lives.

So, gifts that helps them to enhance their strength, creativity and talent are best for such age. It should help them out with their practice for a long time and forms as a gift for life. Check these out:


Music Is the most popular passion in this age bracket and it must be enhanced with the right kind of support. But, how to learn music without these few necessary accessories? Here are some best music equipment and accessories for 10 to 15 years old who want to indulge in music.


gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - headphones

Believe it or not, it is said that all the budding musicians need at least 2 headphones for any instrument they play. They need one set of headphones for recording their practice and another for listening. With so many options in the market, I will list the best one for you. Bose SoundTrue is the perfect choice and my son’s favorite too. With light weight, better balance and more bass response, this headphone can be used for both purposes. Bose, being a renowned brand, adds value to the gift as it is durable and can remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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Music lessons

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - musiclessons

This is probably one of the best gifts for 10 year old to 13 year old boys and girls. It is an amazing gesture to make them take music lessons and make them feel loved. Find the best music lesson classes in your locality. And if you in or around Brooklyn or Queens, go for


Apart from music, kids of 10 to 13 years old are very much into sports. And with so many options and classes around, it’s our duty as a parent to provide the utmost support and guidance. Here is some of the sports equipment that is best for the brilliant players. All are highly long-lasting and forms the best gift as they are needed all the time during play and practice.

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - pitching ball

Practice swings and catch with this Ball Pitching machine. Maturing children need a lot of practice and it can be done through this equipment. Whether it is baseball, softball or cricket, master swings and catches to improve accuracy. It is ideal for any age and keep you on your toes.
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Art – Art supply box

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - art supply box

Creativity has no boundaries. And for this limit less talent, a cool art supply box would be an excellent choice. Coming with sturdy easel, brushes, knife, pencil, paints, palette, canvas, this art set would be a splendid choice for early beginners to paint the town red! For art, this set is one of the best gifts for 10 year old to 13 year old boys and girls.

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Photography is a passion that most kids are willing to try their hands on. With so many social platforms in the picture, photography has become an art and a talent. So, if your kid is inclined towards it, don’t waste their bent. Check out these MUST have gift item that they would cherish and use intensively.

Nikon D3400

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - camera

This camera is known to be the best for the beginners who want to take photography seriously. Its clever Guide Mode is a useful learning tool that gives real-time explanations of important features. It is the best DSLR right now and is easy to transfer images directly to your smart device. A must buy.

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Gifts for 10 to 13 year old with ‘beautiful minds’

They are all beautiful, but some are more curious than the rest. They get attracted to knowledge, want to know the ‘unknown’ and discover new things. Most kids do not develop that much inclination towards a specific hobby, but they love to explore.

So, valued gifts that instigates them towards learning, discovering and build the skills for future will be the best. They need to master problem solving and reasoning skills, and what better way to enhance these than games! These are the kind of gifts that is productive at any age and highly valued. Check out these options:

Math Builder for problem solving skills

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - math builder

This is one of the best board game for 10 to 13 years old kids. It helps them building strategies, enhance problem solving skills, plan the moves in a fun and exciting way. Popularly known and used by homeschoolers and teachers, Math builder is highly illustrated board game to build equations. For enhancing such important skills, this is one of the best gifts for 10 year old to 13 year old boys and girls.

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Scattergories for vocabulary skills

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - scattergories

A fabulous game for building vocabulary, Scattergories is loved by all. It is a fun party game and can be played with family and friends. It encourages players to think creatively as they brainstorm words to fit into certain categories.

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Robotics Smart Machines Engineering Science Kit for programing skills

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - robotics

This amazing robotics learning toy lets kids make their first steps in robotic engineering, computer science, and electronics. With this toy, children can build 8 motorized robots. Sounds cool right? A great buy to enhance learning on robotics and build programing skills.

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Big catch for Math skills

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - big catch

Another great board game to learn division with remainder is Big Catch. Loved by most teachers across US, UK and Canada, this board game is attractive, fun, story backed and gives upto 10 times more practice in math as compared in classrooms. Undoubtedly, it is a MUST buy.

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Rory Story Cubes for Verbal skills

gifts for 10 year old 13 year old boys girls - story cubes

This game is good for enhancing storytelling and verbal skills. With great imaginations on their minds, they will learn to create stories with beginning, middles and endings, turn something abstract into something more concrete. Apt for any age, this game is super fun.

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Gift cards for 10 to 13 years old kids (boys and girls)

If you are still confused and think that your child needs much more than the above list, go for gift cards. As they say, when in doubt, go for gift cards. They are available in a range of values (usually $25-500) from a number of specific retailers. Go for such online platforms that give a broader choice and you can buy just sitting at home. Encourage your child to buy learning and productive gifts that they can value for life. The kids enjoy getting gift cards from:

Hope this list helped you in finding the best gift for your child. As mentioned earlier, these are just few but I have too many ideas for amazing gifts, depending on your child traits. Just ask on the comment section and I will be happy to reply for the best gifts for 10 year old to 13 year old boys and girls. Also, suggest some for the readers.