Collaboration in anything makes things better. Yes! And when it comes to math, it is even more fun to play together and not against. This game is interesting as you would be playing the game together with your friends as a team, against the rocks.


Hold on, we have introduced rocks into the gameplay. To know what they are for, watch the video:

Collaborative Board Game: OCEAN RAIDERS

How to play against the rocks?

This is a collaborative gameplay for Ocean Raiders, the addition game. In this game, we play together as a team against the three rocks. These rocks fall down one step at a time from 8 to 49 (on every turn you play). We have to reach to the treasure at 49 before the rocks. If the rocks reach to the treasure at 49 before you, the treasure gets buried and you lose the game against the rocks. There is also a plus point for you. If you land on the rock, the rock doesn’t move for one turn.

There will be no losers at the end of the game. Since we collaborate, we are in it together. So, what are you waiting for? Take OCEAN RAIDERS and start playing against these rocks.

Skills that kids will improve

➢Obviously, the addition of two-digit numbers.

➢Collaboration is an important thing in our lives that we must teach children since childhood. Togetherness makes things easier to achieve.

Play this game with kids. They get to do a lot of math while playing with parents, teachers, and friends. Trust me, you will build a strong bond between your kids and math.