Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all the wonderful things in one’s lives. It is also a time to get together with one’s friends and family and have a good time. And nothing says ‘good time’ like a nice session of Thanksgiving math games. But why go for just any old board game when you can play one that celebrates the spirit of Thanksgiving? That’s why we have Even and Odd Turkey Trot. A two player math game, Even and Odd Turkey Trot is a Thanksgiving math game which ensures fun times and also helps little ones practice their math skills.

Thanksgiving Math game – Even & Odd Turkey Trot


Even and Odd Turkey Trot, as the name suggests, is based on the principle of even and odd numbers. Keeping with the holiday tradition, in this thanksgiving math game two players will be competing with each other to reach the Thanksgiving feast and the first to reach it will be the winner.

Who can Play Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Math Game?


  • Young kids who want to practice their math skills and have fun
  • Anyone who wants to have a good time

Benefits of Playing the Even & Odd Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Math Game

  • Children will develop a firm grasp of the number system
  • Players will clearly distinguish between odd and even numbers
  • Players will practice several math functions in order to progress further in the game

Things You Need to Play

  • This Thanksgiving math game requires a minimum of two dice and a maximum of 3.
  • Place markers (1 for each player) – You can use Lego blocks or any small object in case you don’t have proper place markers.
  • Even Odd Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Math Game board Free Printable -  Download the game board from here for free and play with as many people or for as long as you want. The game board is designed in such a way that the 2 players can sit across each other and enjoy the Even and Odd Turkey Trot Thanksgiving math game. In case you want to retain the game board for future, we suggest that you get it printed from a professional print shop and get it laminated.

Prepping for the Even & Odd Turkey Trot math game

  • Lay down the game board on a table or flat surface and ask the players to sit across each other.
  • Next, each player will select their place markers and place them on the picture of Turkey on their side.
  • When the game starts the players will have to move in the direction of the arrows and turkey talon marks to reach the Thanksgiving feast.

Who moves first?


Before starting the game, each player will roll the dice once. The player who rolls the higher number will be the first player.

Who plays Even, who plays Odd?


The second player gets to decide whether she will play for even numbers or odd numbers. If she decides to play with even numbers, the first player will play for odd numbers.

How to play Even & Odd Turkey Trot math game?


  • The first player will start the game by rolling the dice. Let’s say she is playing for even numbers and she rolls a 4.
  • Next, she will recognize the number and speak it aloud and mention whether it’s even or odd. If it is even, she will move her place marker one spot.
  • Now, it is second player’s turn. Let’s say she rolls a 6. She will also recognize the number and speak it aloud along with mentioning whether it is even or odd.
  • 6 is an even number, but the second player is playing for odd numbers, so she won’t move forward and will stay put.
  • The players can move forward only one space at a time. Also, the players will move forward when they roll the number that they are playing for. For example, if a player is playing for even numbers, she can only move if she rolls an even number.
  • The game ends when a player reaches the Thanksgiving feast.

Variations to this Thanksgiving Math Game

This Thanksgiving math game has four different variations that can be used to make Even and Odd Turkey Trot more fun and exciting.

Variation 1: Multiplication or addition of 2 numbers
  • Roll two dice to and multiply or add to find the sum.
  • For example, if the first player rolls the two dice and gets the numbers 2 and 5. She multiplies these numbers and gets the answer as 10, which is an even number. This allows the first player to move one space.
Variation 2: Multiplication or addition of 3 numbers
  • Roll three dice and multiply or add to find the sum.
  • For example, the second playing odd rolls the three dice and gets the numbers 2, 1 and 4. The sum of these numbers is 7, which is an odd number. So she can move one space.
Variation 3: Subtraction of 2 numbers
  • Roll two dice and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.
  • For example, the first player playing even rolls the two dice and gets 6 and 2. She subtracts 2 from 6 and gets 4, which is an even number. So, she moves one space.
Variation 4: The PEMDAS/BODMAS version
  • Roll three dice and use a variety of mathematical functions to try and make your total odd or even. For example, the second rolls three dice and gets 5, 2 and 3. So the player can multiply 5 and 2, which gives 10, and then subtract three from it, which gives the number 7. Since 7 is odd, the player will be able to move.

To Round Things Up


Even and Odd Turkey Trot is the perfect Thanksgiving math game not just for the young ones, but for all members of the family. It’s easy-to-learn design and engaging gameplay makes it an instant favorite at family gatherings. If you enjoyed playing this game, and I’m sure you did, be sure to check out the Logic Roots website for more games based on mathematical principles such as fractions, addition, multiplication and much more. Also, do not forget to check out one more amazing thanksgiving math game, Gobble the Gobbler. And if you are looking for Thanksgiving worksheets for free, get it here.