Pets are always loving. PET ME is the division game based around pet wonderland. We have to adopt the pets and feed them food equally by doing the division. The division is more fun when we play with the pets. Do you want to see how?

Here it is:


  1. Pawns
  2. Pet tags
  3. Food pieces
  4. Board
  5. Dice
  6. Rulebook
  7. Pet cards

How to play:

  • The number you get on the pet card will be the divided among all the animals using food pieces.
  • Once you divide all the food pieces correctly among all the animals, you adopt the animal group and put your pet tag.
  • If you land on the adopted pets, you do nothing.
  • If you land on the empty spot. There is no animal to feed and adopt. It is another players’ turn.

Who wins?

The player who adopts the higher number of pets become the winner. The player with the higher no. of pet tags at the end of the game is the winner. The game ends when all the pets in the park are adopted.

You learn:

  • One and two digit numbers division.
  • One digit number multiplication facts.

So, this is how wonderful wonderland park is. The one who adopts the higher number of pets becomes the is the winner. You don’t require a prior knowledge of division to play this game.