4 Amazing Outdoor Math Activities For Kids

My little one is back from school and the next thing I know that she is glued to my smartphone or tablet. The phone is overloaded with games to an extent that the annoying candy crush notification scares the hell out of me at any odd time. Bonus – my kid is more acquainted with… Read more »


Easy Trick For Simplifying Fractions

< Simplifying fractions has been one of the major concern for most children. But, worry not! There is an easy explanation to it and we have it right here. So, let’s go slow. What is a Fraction A Fraction is a part of a whole or a unit, for eg. A piece of a whole… Read more »


Understanding Dividing Fractions With Examples

Dividing fractions has been a monstrous task for kids with too many steps and technicalities involved in it. Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore because we explain and show the simple steps involved in dividing fractions. Understand with examples and grab FREE math resource to get better practice. Yes, the whole bundle to learn… Read more »


Online Mixed Fraction Calculator With Steps

Mixed up about mixed fractions? Worry not. This online mixed fraction calculator is here to help. Just put the numbers in the spaces below for adding or subtracting mixed fractions. Yes! It is that simple. So, why wait? Let’s get started. Mixed Fraction Calculator Addition Let’s take an example: 2 1 + 3 1 4… Read more »


Online Fraction Calculator With Steps

Fraction Calculator – Addition Try more free online fraction calculator with steps: Subtracting fractions calculator, Multiplying fractions calculator   Dividing fractions calculator. Adding Fractions Calculator Know the step by step solution of adding fractions.The online fraction calculator helps with all kinds of fraction. Formula Step By Step Solution Let’s take an example – 1 + 3… Read more »


4 Tips for Teaching Terms In Math

It’s a commonly held belief that math is a difficult subject. Terms in math, especially, can be tough to understand and remember. However, if you make the process of learning fun, then it is much easier to memorize and recall. Math games and other interesting methods can make math vocabulary interesting for kids and motivate… Read more »

Improve logical thinking in a child

6 Amazing Logic Puzzles For Kids – Brain Games

Why LOGIC puzzles for kids? How will brain games for kids help? Well, here’s why! Me: (teaching numbers 1 –30) 2 and 1 is twenty one, 2 and 2 twenty two, … (after reaching 30) Lets start again! 1 and 1 is Baby: Onety one! Me: LOL! You are funny! Its eleven! This was when… Read more »


3 Games To Develop Math Vocabulary For Kids

Math vocabulary is one of the founding bases of mathematics. Math vocabulary for kids, especially, what each mathematical function is called and what it does, paves the way for a child’s future understanding of the subject. However, at times it may become boring to lean plain facts. For this reason, math games are the best… Read more »


Learning Greater Than Sign With Hungry Crocodile

The terrible twos have ended; and my child is officially a THREE-nager now! It roughly translates to mayhem & endless energy for some more mayhem! I have figured out his interests, and one amongst them is super Math! Kindergarten will ensure he stays with the syllabus & his peers, but I was just wondering of… Read more »


11 Easy Tips On How To Get Better At Math

‘How to get better at math?‘, the question so common among students. Math class is often either the favorite class of a student or the class that ruins a students GPA. If you are having problems in your math class, here are eleven tips to help you get back on track and understanding the material… Read more »

  • solve math word problems

    6 Tips & Tricks To Solve Math Word Problems

    Word problems. Two words that have a very different effect on different kinds of children. On one hand, you have kids who can solve math word problems effortlessly. Then there are kids (like I used to be) for whom this is no simple task. Math class in school was my most dreaded hour. I knew… Read more »

  • how to learn areas and perimeters

    4 Ways On How To Learn Area And Perimeters

    As soon as pre-geometry rises in a student’s life, the often confused concept of areas and perimeters starts taking up more brain room. While teachers wonder what makes it so difficult, students are busy wrapping their heads around different formula and their applications. Worry not! We have jotted down a few mathematically rich games specially… Read more »

  • finger math for kids

    3 Super Easy Finger Math For Kids

    My 8-year-old is back from her school and still looks perplexed when I ask her to multiply 6 x 8! Does that sound familiar? Multiplication at times can be totally challenging for kids. Yeah, they do know their tables of 2, 3, 4 and 5 pretty well, but when it comes to the higher numbers… Read more »

  • 9 Must-Have Math Resources To Teach Elementary Math

    For kids, learning mathematics can be either utter boring or extremely interesting. This totally depends on how it is being taught. Elementary math is crucial as it all about math basics that are extremely important. So, what are the math resources that you have stocked up for your child’s early development? If not yet, then take… Read more »

  • winter math games for kids

    7 Winter Math Games For Kids

    Winter brings with it snow and where there is snow, there is fun. From snowball fights to making snowmen, there are so many fun activities one can do in winter. Even when indoors, a family can gather together and enjoy the holidays with some fun games and activities. So why not make things a bit… Read more »

  • math talk

    Math Talk – What Should NOT Be Said To Your Kid

      Believe it or not, parents play a big role when it comes to the struggle between math and their children.  When parents are conversing with their children about math, they tend to say few things that they are not supposed to. These things are common and seems petty but have a great impact on… Read more »