14 Best Educational Alexa Skills

One of the newest trends that are getting a lot of attention lately involves controlling devices with our voices. Amazon is providing a host of skills to their personal intelligent assistant Alexa. Alexa runs on Amazon’s Echo, Dot, and other devices. I know a few people who have bought echo or received it as a gift…. Read more »

How can parents help their kids to overcome the fear of math?

Introduction Fear of math. Does it sound familiar! If you have experienced math anxiety, you are not alone. A Times of India article published, citing the report, stated: ‘56 percent of students in Class VIII couldn’t divide a 3-digit number with a single-digit one; 72 percent students in Class V couldn’t do division at all… Read more »

Best Board games for 10 Year Old Girls and Boys

There are a lot of times when you are looking for something to bond over, to make something creative. You may also ask me to have this activity be cell phone free and with zero screen time. If you had come to me with this criterion a year ago, I would have struggled a bit…. Read more »

Two Logic Roots’ games win the Family Choice Awards 2019

Two of our highly appreciated and loved games were awarded the prestigious Family Choice Award. Division game, PET ME and Addition game, OCEAN RAIDERS won the FAMILY CHOICE AWARD. Family Choice Awards recognizes the best products, services, and resources for all the members of a family. Their award focuses on the best “all-rounded” products that… Read more »

Best toys for 5 year old boys and girls

It is the fun age when they leave behind the young toddler years and step into the “big kid” world of kindergarten. At this age, they are typically eager to learn and explore. They try their interest in a wide range of things. They may want to go out and play with their buddies at… Read more »

Top Toys To Gift Kids This Holiday

Can it get merrier than this! Christmas is just around the corner ( yay!) and your kids are already asking for everything. It is like somehow kids know you cannot say no to them during this time, so they ask for everything they could possibly have. However, apart from the long list, they also expect… Read more »

Best Educational Toys For Kids

Is it just me or have you also noticed the swift shift in the kind of toys and games parents, as well as kids, pick out these days! We have moved from the kinds that used to give us time to have fun with our families and friends to the ones that make us think… Read more »

The 11 best STEM toy gifts for kids this holiday season

I have two little boys and that means the house is full of toys. Since they have a slight age gap between them, they share a set of common toys that they play together. Playing together is something that they look forward to. It is possible that they may like beating one another in the… Read more »


Pets are always loving. PET ME is the division game based around pet wonderland. We have to adopt the pets and feed them food equally by doing the division. The division is more fun when we play with the pets. Do you want to see how? Here it is: Components: Pawns Pet tags Food pieces… Read more »

Collaborative Game Play for OCEAN RAIDERS

Collaboration in anything makes things better. Yes! And when it comes to math, it is even more fun to play together and not against. This game is interesting as you would be playing the game together with your friends as a team, against the rocks. WHAT? THE ROCKS! HOW? WHAT ARE THEY! Hold on, we… Read more »

  • Math Trick – Multiplication of any number with 25 and 125

    You have now learned how to multiply any number with 5 in a matter of seconds. Here, you will learn the tricks to multiply any number with 25 and 125 in your head. So without wasting anytime let’s move to see what these tricks are. Multiplying any number with 25 Step 1 Divide the number… Read more »

  • Brainteaser – The Cricket Math Puzzle

    The first Monday of 2016, we brought to you an exciting cricket math puzzle. Many have wracked their brains over it. But don’t boggle your heads anymore. Read ahead to find the solution. The Math Puzzle   The puzzle asks, under ideal conditions, with no extras like no balls, wides etc., what is the maximum… Read more »

  • 4 Things Math Books Do To Your Child

    Making math a fun subject is quite a struggle for many parents, homeschoolers and teachers. Math is a subject that kids hardly look forward to. Reasons for this are innumerable, but there are few solutions. One of which is math books for kids. No, not the text books but math stories. Stories are loved by… Read more »

  • Tango20 – A Strategic Math Card Game

    This time, we have something really exciting for you. Today we give to you Tango20 – a very interesting strategic math card game that can be played by both kids and adults. On the face of it, the game may seem very simple. But delve into the mechanics of the game and you will find… Read more »

  • Math Easter activities and printables for kids

    Bunny is my spirit animal. So, there is no shying away from accepting how much I enjoy celebrating Easter day with my family and friends. Isn’t it just beautiful how this is the festival of welcoming spring, meeting our loved ones, amazing food, Easter baskets and fun Easter activities? Download math Easter activities pack for… Read more »

  • Brainteaser – The Christmas Tree Puzzle

    Work you brains with this Christmas special brainteaser. The Puzzle In this brainteaser, place digits 1 to 9 on the Christmas stars in such a way that each side totals the same amount.  The Solution   You can verify this solution by adding the 4 numbers of one side and comparing it with the sum… Read more »