My little one is back from school and the next thing I know that she is glued to my smartphone or tablet. The phone is overloaded with games to an extent that the annoying candy crush notification scares the hell out of me at any odd time. Bonus – my kid is more acquainted with the mobile game terms than the terms in math! So, I thought of engaging my small devils into some fun outdoor games that include math worksheets, math games, etc.. Therefore, I threw in some outdoor math activities for kids that can hone their mathematical skills as a bonus. So, let’s take learning outdoors with these cool math games.

Get to the Numbers


This is one of the outdoor math activities for kids that’s just right for your kids to learn the numbers effectively and follow directions, right at your doorstep.

Props Required

  • Paved yard
  • Colored chalk

How to Play

  • Ask the kids to disperse and write a number (you assign them) on the pavement using a chalk. The number should be large enough to be visible from a distance and should a have a fair distance among them so that the kids don’t bump into each other while reaching their numbers.
  • Just shout out any number and the players need to run to the number as soon as they hear it and stand on that number.
  • They should stand on the number till you call out the next number and if they reach the number first, their friends can cheer till they find their numbers.
  • Once the kids have played for some time, you can change it a bit and switch it with shapes or colors for math help.

Quick Tips:

Ask the kids to use colored chalks that can help them identify the numbers easily.

Telling Time Outdoor Math Activities for Kids


If your kids are lost while telling time, this is the time when you should make them learn with this fun game.

Props Required

  • Colored Chalk
  • Plastic toys for minute and hour hand

How to Play

  • Use your sidewalk for the game and draw a massive clock on it using the colored chalk. Find some toys lying around in the home and use them as minute and hour hand.
  • Simply make sure that the minute hand toy is longer than the hour hand toy.
  • Feel free to use long bat/arrow toy or more for the minute hand. For the hour hand, you can use 2 or 3 cars lined up in a straight line.
  • Now shout out a time and ask the kids to show the time by moving the “hands”
  • You can also show a time on the clock shifting the “hands” and ask them to tell the time.

Quick Tips:

Add variations in the outdoor math activities for kids by asking them to show the time when you eat, sleep or leave for work, or by making them solve the problems on elapsed time. Make it fun by making DIY clocks and doing telling time activities with them.

Water Gun Fun


Playing with water is perhaps one of the favorite activities of kids, and so, you can exploit this for some math for kids learning using your fence. This is one of the activities that helps improve child’s logical thinking.

Props Required:

  • Water Gun
  • Sidewalk chalk

How to Play

  • Draw shapes on your fence and call out the shapes.
  • Your little ones need to identify the shape and spray the water targeting the right answer.

Quick Tips:

You can also write sums instead of shapes and draw flames around them. Now, ask your kids to spray water at say, 5 and 2, add the numbers and then spray at the answer. One they finish washing off the right answer they can wash off a flame each time.

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Counting Easter Eggs


Colorful toy Easter eggs make for the best props to learn counting while your children get some exercise running.  This game is one of the outdoor math activities for kids that’s best played in groups.

Props Required

  • 24 colorful toy eggs or more based on the number of children
  • Minimum 4 children
  • Paper carry bags
  • Spacious outdoor area

How to Play:

  • Make a target area and place the toy eggs in a pile
  • Divide the children into two groups like 2 (or more) children standing at the target area holding a paper bag each in their hands
  • Make the other two (or more) children stand in the opposite direction (at a distance say 50 meters) and should be ready to run
  • Now you need to call out a math problem like addition (5 plus 2) the children should run to the target, collect the correct number of eggs, for instance, it’s 7 here and drop them in the bags.
  • As soon as they have dropped the eggs in the bag they should be back to their original position to see the correct answer.
  • The player who got the right answer and races back first is the winner.

Quick Tips:

Give them two chances each and for added fun switch the children. Ask the ones holding the bags to now run and the other two will now hold the bags.

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While there are tons of such outdoor math activities for kids that can make your first grader learn math vocabulary for kids, these activities are perfect for the brain exercise along with some fun and action.