Yes, I am not kidding. You can now play Ocean Raiders with Alexa. We have trained her to not just tell you rules, but actually play with you. When we shared this, parents and teachers were very surprised and had a series of questions starting with – Are you for real to How can I use it? What if I don’t have the game with me and many more.

I thought I would put together all these answers in a nice little post so that you can get max value out of Alexa and board game integration.

For those of you who don’t know what Ocean Raiders is, it is an addition board game. Kids play with parents and friends and try to reach a treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Check out the Addition board game

What is Ocean Raiders skill for Alexa?

So, Ocean Raiders is a skill on Alexa which gets installed in one step and viola! You have a partner to play this addition game with. We have trained her to play the game with kids, explain the rules and help them with math too. Just try out to once. This game is specifically built around addition of one and two digit numbers.

How can I use it? What all do I need?

All you need to do is, install the game from:

Now that you have installed the game, let me tell you what you would need to play Ocean Raiders Addition game:

1) Ocean Raiders Board

2) Rule Book

3) 10 face dice

4) Alexa (Of course!)

How do I activate it?

Since you have already installed the game, all you have to say is “Alexa, play ocean raiders” and that is it. You have Alexa to play the addition board game to play with you.

What if I do not own OCEAN RAIDERS? Can I still use the skill?

This has been asked to me SO many times and fortunately, the answer to this question is YES! You can play Ocean Raiders with Alexa even if you don’t have the game with you. You may wonder how is that possible. We are giving away our game board for free. As long as you do not use it for establishments and commercial use, you can print the game board out.

  1. Print the addition game OCEAN RAIDERS game board : OceanRaiders_Alexa_board. Try to print it on thick stock paper (300 GSM or higher). You are free to use it under CREATIVE COMMONS license terms.
  2. Go through the engaging story line and rule book : OceanRaiderRuleBook
  3. Get a 10 faced dice from any of the games you have or buy a new one on Amazon

You’re all set to learn and play for free.

Is it just for OCEAN RAIDERS?

Glad that you asked. We have also trained Alexa to play an addition challenge game. You don’t need game. Basically, she is your full time addition sparring partner with OCEAN RAIDERS skill.

What next? Will you look at other skills like subtraction and multiplication too?

The second most asked query had been, if we would take up other skills like multiplication or division and make a skill on them. Yes and we are on it. If you have any specific requests about the type of skill you will need, be sure to post in the comments below.

The whole idea is to give kids a learning partner and also make life easier for parents and teachers. The numbers are a lot more fun when played with friends and family. Enjoy.