fun multiplication game

For kids, multiplication is a very tricky topic. As a result, they often try to avoid the multiplication homework. This is a problem. We all know how important and useful multiplication is in our daily lives. So, how can we solve it? How about playing a multiplication game which helps improve our multiplication skills?

The multiplication game that we are talking about is a very interesting one called number spiral. This game not merely improves multiplication skills but is great fun to play too.

Number Spiral Math Game

Who can play this game?

  1. Kids of grade 3 and up.
  2. Kids who want to practice multiplication skill.
  3. Kids who want to master multiplication times table.
  4. Anyone who wants to improve or practice multiplication skills.

What do we need?

  • 1 set of playing cards
  • 2-4 game pawns or place-markersĀ (1 for each player)
  • A dice

With a single dice, you can practice multiplication till 6. In case you want to practice multiplication with numbers above 6 add another dice and play with two dice.

Who Wins?

The player who reaches the end of the spiral first wins the game.

How to play Number Spiral?

Step 1: Set up the game

  • Nicely shuffle the deck of cards.
  • Assign the face cards with numbers 11, 12, and 13.
  • Create a game board by arranging the shuffled cards in a spiral form on a flat surface.

Below are given two ways in which you can arrange the cards:

  • Spiral Multiplication round and square arrangementNext, position the place-markers on the edge of the first card at the inner end of the spiral.

Step 2: Decide the first player

Before starting the game, each player shall roll the dice. The one who rolls the lowest number becomes the first player.

Step 3: Let’s play the game

  • To start the game, the first player will roll the dice and identify the number she has rolled.
  • Next, she will multiply the number on the dice with the number on the first card.
  • If she correctly multiplies and answers, she can move forward that many cards into the spiral as the number on the dice. If her answer is incorrect she stays at the same place.
  • Similarly, all the players will take turns, roll the dice, multiply the two numbers, and move when the answer is correct.
  • When a player reaches the end of the spiral, the game ends.