Math help ideas for math homeworkWhen we say ‘math’, all anyone can picture is a text book, pen, numbers and equations. But what if we say that learning simple math concepts involve sand, chocolates, craft and more? Sounds fun, isn’t it? We think that mixing creative ideas with math homework makes the otherwise mundane stuff a fun learning-process. So, if you are looking for simple math help ideas using regular house objects, here we have some really cool creative ideas for you.

Math help with shapes and objects

A creative math help can be finding a particular shape of objects in your house. This is almost like a treasure hunt and involves children’s motor skills too. Ask children to find all kind of rectangular, circular and more shaped objects in their house. It won’t be difficult for them to find such items because often most of the items in a household are either rectangular, circular or square, and ask them to sort and arrange!

Math help with shapes - math homework ideas

Sand and Water for math homework

Its messy but its fun, and what better way to associate math with sand. Math concepts like heavy, light, full, empty, big and small. A mug can be full filled with sand, or half filled. Wet sand is heavy, and a two sand hill can be made – one small, one big. You can provide materials and boxes of different shapes and sizes to compare quantity and weight.

Math help with sand - math homework ideas

Delicious and creative way to learn fractions

Ask children to get hold of a chocolate bar and not to eat it up until they finish the exercise! Break the bar into half and ask them to offer ½ or 1/4th of their bar to a friend or sibling. Then ask them what fraction they gave their friend or sibling, making it easier for them to comprehend that a part of a whole is smaller and is a fraction. You can also ask them to write as many fractions they can get from the bar, i.e., 1/3, 2/3, ¾, and more. They can also use a pizza to learn fractions of a circle.

Math help with fractions - math homework ideas

Planning a meal within a set budget

Another creative homework idea involving math can be to ask your kids to plan a meal from a restaurant. Provide them with a fixed budget and ask them to plan a meal for 5 of their friends. Ask them to use a single menu leaflet of a restaurant in their locality to do this. Ask them to resort to long division to do this.

Refer to the video below for clarity.

So, that’s it! Whether you are in Grade 3 or up, with these math help ideas, math homework can be fun and children can learn math with some simple yet fun and creative activities. The mathematical concepts become clear and makes math more comprehensible for children. So, next time, let these small math games and math activities help your child in making math a fun subject.  Got any more ideas? Do share.