Math Game Testing Session#5-Working Title(Magnetic Puzzle)


Location: Bhandup, Mumbai

Date: 12th March’19

Time: 6.15 pm to 7.35 pm



1. To test how creative kids get when it comes to making elements from just circles.

2. To test how well a kid can imagine and make elements without using any reference.

3. To test the level of enjoyment and engagement kids feel in this game.

4. How long can the kids concentrate on it without me asking them to concentrate?


Game Components:

  1. 450 circle magnets
  2. 4 Magnetic Sheets (The initial game had one small magnetic board. I had changed it to magnetic sheets of size 15*10 inches)
  3. 32 Reference drawings that kids can refer to make elements via magnetic circles.


Number of Players:

As many kids as the number of magnetic sheets. Here, 4 players.


Total Number of kids:

4 kids   

  1. Bella(5-year-old girl)
  2. Ankita(4.5-year-old girl)
  3. Foram(5-year-old girl)
  4. Sheena(4.5-year-old girl)


Gameplay: (Not as per original gameplay)

1. Give 50 magnetic circles to each kid. Put the other magnetic circles at the center.

2. Give one magnetic sheet to each player.

3. Put the reference drawings at the center so that all the kids can refer it.



  1. All the kids were super excited about the game.
  2. They liked the magnetic sheet I had given them and the concept that there were magnetic circles.
  3. All the kids looked at the reference drawings I had given them and chose only the ones that were easy except Ankita.
  4. Ankita just began as soon as I had given them the magnetic sheets. She soon began makings kinds of stuff without even looking at any of the reference drawings I had given them.
  5. She tried to make an ‘L’. Look below:Next, she made a ‘U’ of it.
  6. When I had played other games with Ankita, she used to get deviated a lot many times. But while doing this she was instant and very creative without me telling her to focus.
  7. The other kids were equally interested in making it. Here are some images. This is a Colorful light as described by Sheena.
    This is a ‘g’ made by Ankita. Foram, trying to make a watermelon. Bella, trying to make a rainbow.
  8. Sheena had brought some cats with her for this session, she used magnet circles as food for her cats.



  1. Kids had fun playing the game throughout.
  2. All the kids were equally concentrated and energetic.
  3. None of the kids needed my help.
  4. The most happening thing was that all the kids had shared the magnetic circles amongst them and helped each other make elements on the board. This was thus successful collaborative gameplay.
  5. The kids were so happy after filling up the boards with various elements that they even showed this to their parents when they had come to pick them up!