Math Game Testing Session#5- Working Title (Alien Attack)


Location: Bhandup, Mumbai

Date: 12th March’19

Time: 6.15 pm to 7.35 pm



1. To test if the kids can play the gameplay we had decided.

2. To test our newly designed board as received by the designer on 11th March’19


Game Components:

  1. Battlefield board
  2. 20 Attack Cards (10 Cards- Kids’ Group, 10 Cards- Aliens’ Group)


Number of Players:

2-Players at a time


Battlefield Board size:

16*7 inches (I had taken the printout on an A3 page)


Total Number of kids:

4 kids       

1. Bella(5-year-old girl)

2. Ankita(4.5-year-old girl)

3. Foram(5-year-old girl)

4. Sheena(4.5-year-old girl)


I had divided these kids into two different groups. Group1 had Sheena and Ankita, Group2 had Bella and Foram as at a time only two kids can participate.


Decided Gameplay:

  1. Open the battlefield board and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Take out the ‘Attack Cards’ from the box.
  3. The two players will now choose one group each of ‘Aliens’ Group’ and ‘Kids’ Group’, to play.
  4. The battlefield has grids on it. Each player must place her 10 attack cards randomly on the 10 grids facing her as seen below.
  5. The youngest player gets to move first. She will choose any card from her chosen group and will place her card in the attack zone.
  6.  Now the second player will pick a random ‘attack card’ and place it in the attack zone.
  7. Both the kids will read aloud the numbers on their cards in the attack zone.
  8. The kid having a greater number on her ‘attack card’ wins the battle! She wins both the cards in the attack zone.
  9. The next player will play similarly.
  10. If the two kids get the same number on the cards, they need to discard both the cards.

Who wins?

The player having the maximum number of attack cards with her wins!




(Sheena And Ankita)

  1. The kids had difficulty reading the numbers so they had to lay on the floor while playing. Laying down gave them a better view of the numbers on the cards.
  2. Ankita got confused twice in choosing her card from the attack field. She read the opponent’s attack card number.
  3. Sheena played the game efficiently without any problem.
  4. Also, after ending the game, when I asked both of them to count the number of attack cards each player had won, Ankita counted numbers on each card.
  5. But both the kids enjoyed playing the game and wanted to play it once again. They had played this game twice.


(Foram and Bella)

  1. Even these kids had difficulty reading the numbers so they had to lay on the floor while playing. Laying down gave them a better view of the numbers on the cards.
  2. These two kids were very smart. They had seen the other two kids play this game twice. So they were very well acquainted with the rules and so I didn’t have to explain to them the rules again.
  3. Bella picked up 10 number attack card which was the largest number on the board and put it in Attack zone. Foram, knowing that 10 is the largest, picked up 10 number attack card to place in the attack zone. Since 10 number attack card is the largest and they knew it would get discarded and no one wins, they did this.
  4. Then they came down to the next biggest number which is 9 and they played it so on. All the cards were discarded and no one won the game.
  5. Both the kids were happy that they did not allow the other player to win the game! Bella had confusion reading number 1 attack card. She had to ask me if the number was 1 or 7.
  6. Solutions:

    1. We need to make the attack card larger in size so that the card is at proper height because all the kids had difficulty in reading the number on the attack card.
    2. Ankita chose the opponent’s card twice. I think we need to increase the size of the board and also the card so kids can differentiate properly among the cards.