The Amazing Math Race math activity

Have you heard about the reality tv show “The Amazing Race”? If you have then you know what it is all about. But in case you don’t, it is a tv show where teams of two compete against other teams, travelling across the globe and finding clues to their subsequent pit stops and final destination where on reaching first, the team stands to win a prize. At every pit stop, the teams have to solve clues and perform tasks to get hold of the name of their subsequent destination. It is a very interesting show and leaves one wishing to participate in the same.

What if we say you can give that sense of adventure to your kids? Wondering how? We have the perfect answer to it. Conduct a similar adventure game for your kids and introduce a math twist to it. Now, the Amazing Math Race is a  math activity will be confined to your school grounds or your neighborhood. Also, to conduct this activity you will need the support of your friends, neighbors or fellow teachers, so do share with them the idea before you go ahead to conduct the same. To make it easy for you, we have provided with necessary downloadable given below.

Download the challenge cards and next checkpoint cards

What is the Amazing Math Race?

It is a group activity apt for conducting as a classroom activity, school activity or party activity.

Conducting the Math Activity

Amazing Math Race math activity Teams

Divide the kids into teams. A team with minimum 2 and maximum 5 members should be ideal.

Amazing Math Race math activity Instructions

Brief all the teams with the necessary instructions. As an added measure, print out the instruction sheet, make as many copies as the number of teams and hand it over to each team.

Amazing Math Race math activity Challenge Card

Handover each team their first Challenge Card. We have provided you with 12 Challenge Cards. It is on you to decide which card you want to keep as the first Challenge Card.

Amazing Math Race Math activity Challenge Evaluation

When any team hands over their solved Challenge Card, the checkpoint in-charge will evaluate the answers. Either the in-charge can do an on-the-spot evaluation or the conductor can provide them with an answer card beforehand which can be used by the checkpoint in-charge to compare the answers of the team.

Amazing Math Race Math activity Next Checkpoint Card

The checkpoint in-charge will hand over the Next Checkpoint Card to a team only when the team has solved all the challenges in the card correctly.

Once a team has obtained the Next Checkpoint Card, then it will proceed towards the next checkpoint. On arriving at the next checkpoint, a team will be given another Challenge Card. Now, this Challenge Card will be handed to them only when they deposit the Next Checkpoint Card which they had obtained in the previous checkpoint. After this, the process will be repeated in the same manner just the way it was followed for the first Challenge Card.

The Challenge Cards

This math activity involves many challenge cards. Each of these cards consists of 3-4 math challenges (puzzles, riddles, questions etc.). In the above download link, we have provided you with a set of Challenge Cards (apt for Grade 3). Also, we have provided you with the Next Checkpoint Cards. You will see that we have not numbered these cards, so you are at liberty to decide which card you want to place at the various checkpoints.

In case you want to conduct the activity for any other grades and need us to provide you with the Challenge Cards, do contact us on [email protected]

Preparation for the math activity

This is going to be a significant and time-intensive activity. So, it is better that you prepare for the same in advance. In order to prepare for the activity, please read below.

Step 1: Decide the checkpoints

Amazing Math Race math activity Checkpoints

To conduct this math activity first decide on the following:

  • The number of checkpoints you wish to keep in the game. Keep a minimum 5 check-points. You can have more checkpoints, but do keep in mind the time limit for the game and other student constraints.
  • The places you wish to make the checkpoints.
    • If the activity is being conducted in school, the music room, the science lab, the library, the gym etc. can be your checkpoints.
    • If the activity is being conducted at home, then the bedroom, the study room, the kitchen etc. can be your checkpoints.
    • If the activity is being conducted in and around your neighborhood, you can decide on making the houses of your neighbors as various checkpoints.

Step 2: Appoint the checkpoint in-charge

Amazing Math Race math activity In Charge

Next, you have to decide on who will manage each check-point. To do this please make note of the following:

  • Rope in your fellow teachers, family members or friends to conduct this activity.
  • Talk beforehand to the supervisor of each room or place you wish to make the checkpoint.
    • In case you are conducting the activity within the house, you can ask your friends or other family members to be the in charge.
    • In case you are conducting the activity in your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors before assigning their home as a check-point.
  • You can assign the role of checkpoint in charge to the above-mentioned people or you can take help of volunteer senior kids or students for doing so.

Step 3: Print the Challenge Cards

challenge cards for amazing math race math activity

After deciding on the check-points, print the math challenge cards and the  next checkpoint cards. Download the printable math challenge cards and next check-point cards (Link given above) and print. You will be handing the same Challenge Card to each team at every checkpoint. So, make sure that you have printed enough copies of each Challenge Card. There should be as many copies of each Challenge Card as there are teams. Keep a few extra copies handy.

Step 4: Set the equipment


Equip each checkpoint with the required instruments and materials that you think will help the teams to solve the math challenge. There should be sufficient stationery, geometric instruments or other equipment that will be required by each team to solve the math challenge.

Now, here you can introduce a twist.

Since the math challenge at each checkpoint will be same for all the teams, you can keep just one set of instruments at the checkpoint to provide an advantage to the team arriving first at the checkpoint. If not, there can be equal sets of instruments which will give the other teams a chance to level up with their speed of solving the math challenges.


Let us know how did you like this Amazing Math Race! Do share your experience about this math activity with us on the comment section below.