Math fact wars

What is “Math Fact War”?

This is card game through which kids can practice one or multiple mathematical operations.

Objects Required

Math Fact Cards (DIY)

How to create math fact cards?

  • Cut out cards of 2 Inch x 3 Inch from a sheet of paper.
  • You can make as many cards as u deem appropriate for the game. We would suggest, make 40.
  • Choose the mathematical operation that you want to be practiced.
  • Suppose you chose, Addition. Write addition facts on the card without the answer.
  • You can also repeat the facts on multiple cards.
math fact cards

How to play “Math Fact War” Math Game

  • Divide the fact cards evenly amongst the students
  • On the count of three, all students throw down a card.
  • Each student will have to call out the sum or answer to their math fraction cards (assuming we are playing fro addition)
  • The card with the highest sum wins. The winner will collect all the cards in play.
  • If the students have the same answer, then they play against each other again. The winner will capture all the cards in play.shutterstock_57362761333x498
  • The game is played until a player runs out of cards.

The Winner

Whoever collects the maximum number of cards wins the game.

This activity is an easy way for students to practice their math facts in a new and unique way! Stay tuned for more such amazing math activities.