The terrible twos have ended; and my child is officially a THREE-nager now! It roughly translates to mayhem & endless energy for some more mayhem! I have figured out his interests, and one amongst them is super Math! Kindergarten will ensure he stays with the syllabus & his peers, but I was just wondering of ways to make his interest in Math continue. How to do it? Where do I start? So, I began scouring online for ideas related to the topic of mathematical comparison: where the first & foremost hurdle is the grand confusion between greater than sign and less than sign. Well, I battled with that confusion for a very long time. So here I am sharing some cool Math games for Kindergartners. The primary focus for these Math games is identification of greater than and less than numbers and use of the appropriate signs.

Coco The Hungry Crocodile – Learning Greater Than Sign With Hungry Crocodile

How I plan to introduce the topic?

Coco crocodile is very hungry and opens his mouth to eat the big numbers. Only big numbers will satisfy his hunger. Explain the association of the crocodile’s open mouth resembling the greater than sign.

greater-than-signA rhyme always adds that dash of singing fun. So, I found this cute little gem:

Coco Crocodile loves to munch
Juicy numbers for his lunch.
Small number make his belly sore.
Big numbers make him shout for more.
When Coco takes a bite
Large numbers fill his appetite.

Which words will be introduced?

Compare, greater than, less than, greater than sign, less than sign

Which concepts will this Math game cover?

Number identification, counting, and comparison

What do you need?

Math worksheets, cutouts from the Coco crocodile printable, glue sticks.

Download the Math Worksheets for Greater than sign with hungry Coco crocodile

Download the hungry Coco crocodile mouth for Greater than sign math game

Who can play?

1 or more kindergartners can play this Math game.

Pre-game prep:

Cut out Coco crocodiles from the printable.

How to play?

Hand over the Math worksheets and the Coco crocodile cutouts to the kids. Explain how the hungry crocodile will love to eat big numbers to fill his tummy. Ask them to stick the Coco crocodile cutouts facing the greater number with the help of a glue stick.

Ideal for:

Quiet time games in school, while travelling, during play dates.

Learning Greater Than Sign with hungry Coco Crocodile - Flashcard version

This is another version of the above Math game. Only difference is in this game, the greater than & less than signs go in first followed by the numbers.


What do you need?

Number flashcards, greater than & less than signs.

Download the hungry Coco crocodile flash cards for Greater than sign math game

Download the number flash cards for Greater than sign math game

Who can play?

2 or more kindergartners

Pre-game prep:

Distribute the number flashcards.

How to play?

Ask the kids to place the greater than & less than sign flashcards first on their desk/table. Next, the kids will place the number flashcards according to the sign. If you do not have as many number flashcards, you can use some playing cards or UNO cards.


Ideal for:

Math class, non-screen time during weekends.

Learning Greater Than Sign With Stick Coco Crocodile

This version works well because it can be customized by including things that your child really likes.


What do you need?

2 candy sticks, colors, glue, sharpies, kids’ favorite fruits/objects.

Pre-game prep:

Stick 2 candy sticks at one end making a big V shape. Paint the open mouth of a crocodile on both sides of the joined candy stick. Arrange different eatables in 2 number sets. For examples, arrange 5 cornflakes on one side and 2 cornflakes on the other side of a table/desk. You could use a variety of non-choking eatables like chips, cheese-its, cookies, grapes, berries or other toys.

How to play?

Ask kids to count the eatables on both sides and place the candy-stick crocodile facing the greater number. Also, at the end, kids can eat away the game!

Ideal for:

Dinner table, breakfast tantrums, lunch break.

Lastly, remember to

  1. Explain the concept perfectly before these Math games to avoid confusion.
  2. Recognize and reward the efforts.
  3. Maintain positive attitude toward these kindergarten Math games
  4. Lace these Math games with stories and rhymes for that long-lasting effect.

These Math games and math activities can be played anywhere and everywhere, are fun, and help to revise Math comparisons for kindergartners. Hope these Math games will strengthen that concept of the greater than sign for your kids!

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