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‘What’s the need of learning multiplication tables?’ I am sure your kid would have asked you this question some or the other time when it comes to learning multiplication tables. So, just in case you are wondering the answer to this question, we have it right here. Since multiplication is a task that kids need to do anyway, this post is all about how to teach multiplication.

Today we give you 5 solid tips which will

  • ease the task of learning multiplication facts;
  • make kids understand multiplication in a better way;
  • simplify teaching multiplication for you;

Teach multiplication as new but familiar concept:

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Wondering how to teach multiplication easily? You need to explain to kids that multiplication is nothing but repeated addition. Often when we start teaching kids multiplication, this important fact gets lost in translation. So this time, introduce the concept of multiplication as repeated addition. Trust me, this will be a great idea. Why?

  • Because kids are already familiar with addition. When you introduce multiplication as repeated addition, they won’t consider it as an alien topic.
  • Also, the repeated addition technique is going to be wonderful for their number sense. And we all know, having a good number sense immensely boosts the understanding of other math concepts.

Explain the statements of a times table:

learning multiplication table on how to teach multiplication through group explanation

Multiplication tables are sort of boring recitation. Let’s accept it, as kids, even we hated them. Just reel back your memory a little. Do you really remember knowing the meaning of the statements that you recited when you were by-hearting those times tables? No, right? The practice is still followed. Explaining the statements of times table is going to make learning those times tables so much easier for kids. Teach the kids what is meant by “2 oneza 2” or “1 times 2 is 2”. Explain to them that 2 times 4 means 2 groups of 4 and “5 sixza 30” actually means that 5 groups of 6’s make 30.

Learning multiplication through Arrays:

learning multiplication tables through array, how to teach multiplication

Another great way of teaching multiplication is with the help of rectangular and square arrays. This can be done using any kind of small objects or toys arranged in the form of arrays. Legos are ready made arrays for you. They are colorful, sturdy and comes very handy when teaching multiplication through arrays. Kids learn better when you involve their favorite objects in teaching. They gain a better understanding of multiplication concepts when they themselves join the arrays, break them and count them.

Use the commutative properties of factors:

learning multiplication tables through cummalative, how to teach multiplication

Next in the series of making multiplication easier for kids is to teach it using the commutative and distributive properties of numbers. Turn this into a session of magic with numbers for kids. Explain to them that even if the factors are reversed the products would not change. 2 times 4 will be equal to 4 times 2. Once again involve their favorite toys or fruits or veggies and teach them the commutative property of factors. Turn it into a real fun session.

How to teach Multiplication in a FUN way:

learning multiplication tables through multiplication games

Lastly, we know how serious math is for kid and how ‘un-fun’ is multiplication tables. The most common method used by homeschoolers and teachers is practicing through multiplication games. They are educational, fun and makes practicing multiplication tables easy and great! Games available on Amazon like Monster Sock Factory and Say Cheese Cafe are some of the best math board games for multiplication.

Watch this video by BoardGamingatHome explaining one of the multiplication game (Monster Sock Factory) with kids.

So, learning multiplication tables can be simple by applying the above methods. When you are wondering how to teach multiplication to your children, give this post a read and get started. Download FREE multiplication math worksheets that has math stories for kids to connect with. Write, draw, color, cut, paste and do much more with these colorful worksheets.

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