halloween math activity pumpkin coloring activity for kids free printable

‘This is the time of the year when Halloween parties are being hosted in every nook and corner of the street. No need for you to stay behind. Call in the kids and conduct this zingy Halloween math activity. We assure you that kids are going to love it. You ask why? Because this Halloween math activity is filled with colors, pumpkins, and fun. Sit tight while you accept the challenge and enjoy coloring Halloween pumpkins.

What is Color the Pumpkin Halloween math activity?

Color the Pumpkin challenge is fun and quirky group Halloween math activity, where kids will challenge their peers to color the pumpkins in five minutes. Meanwhile, they will also sharpen basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division and much more in a fun and challenging way.

What do you need?

  1. Color The Pumpkin sheets (as many as the players)
  2. Pack of crayons (as many as the players)
  3. Pencil/pen
  4. Stopwatch

Pre-Activity Preps

  • Click and download the free printable color-the-pumpkins sheets for this Halloween math activity and print as many copies as the number of players. Each Color the Pumpkin sheet consists of 9 carved pumpkin faces which the players will color during the Halloween math activity.
Halloween math activity Color the Pumpkins Halloween printable sheets
  • Next, decide upon the math skill you want the kids to practice.
  • Once you have decided the skill, list down at least 30 – 40 math facts of that particular math skill.
  • Now, take each Color Me Pumpkin sheet and write a math fact below each pumpkin without their answer.
  • Make sure that no 2 sheets have the same set of math facts. Keep them jumbled.
  • In a separate paper, list down all the answers to the math facts and assign each answer a color from the crayon set. You can assign multiple answers to one color.

Rules of the Color the Pumpkin Halloween Math Activity

  1. Each kid will get 5 minutes to solve and color their pumpkins.
  2. Kids need to solve the math facts, recognize the color corresponding to the answer, and color the pumpkins accordingly.
  3. They are not allowed to write the answer on their color the pumpkin sheet.

How to Play Color the Pumpkin Halloween math activity?

  • Once you have explained the rules, distribute Color the Pumpkin sheets and the pack of crayons to each kid.
halloween math activity pumpkin coloring activity free printable
  • On a bigger board or poster, display the answers and their corresponding color.
  • As the timer starts, kids will get 5 minutes to solve the math facts and color the pumpkins corresponding to the color assigned to the answer.
halloween math activity halloween coloring activity free printable
  • When the timer stops, ask each one of them to write their names behind the sheets.
  • Collect all the sheets, shuffle them, and redistribute it among the kids.
  • Ask them not to look at the names written on the back of the sheets.
  • Next, take the master list of math facts and start reviewing them along with all the players.
  • Tell the kids, to award +10 for each correctly colored pumpkin, and -2 for each incorrectly colored pumpkin.
  • Once all the solved Halloween math activity sheets are reviewed and scored, ask the kids to total the scores.
  • The player with the maximum score at the end of the game is the winner.

The difficulty level of this Halloween math activity can be increased as per the grade and knowledge level of the players.

What does this Halloween math activity teach?

Life skills

Focus – It’s easy to get bemused and distracted with so many object and colors being present, but the key to winning in this Halloween math activity is the focus. If the focus is maintained throughout then kids can win the game faster and with greater accuracy.

Competition Pressure - Since this Halloween math activity is to be carried out within the limited time, kids learn to handle competition pressure with healthy competitive spirit.

Peer to Peer handling - This Halloween math activity is a group activity. Such group activities are very useful as students learn to accept challenges from peers with a positive outlook.

Variation for this Halloween Math Activity


The unique feature of this math activity is that it can be customized for any occasion and for any grade. If it is Christmas, you can have Christmas trees instead of pumpkins and conduct the activity. You can conduct this activity for kids from any grade and for any math skill, be it algebra or trigonometry.

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If you love the idea of this Halloween math activity,please do not forget to play& engage your near and dear little ones with this.Let Halloween 2016 be a memorable event for the kids. Still can’t get over it and in complete awe of the game then please do not forget to share with us the pictures of the game which you witnessed and also share the post with your friends on facebook and twitter. We don’t have just this. Download more fun Halloween math activity, games and printables. And if you are looking for free Halloween worksheets, look no further! Download spooky worksheets here.