Continuing our tradition, we gave you yet another delicious brainteaser, to make your Monday a little more exciting.
Now it’s time to present your its savoury solution.

The Fruit Basket Brain Teaser

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Well, that is a healthy choice of living right there! Now let’s look at the solution.

The Solution for the Brainteaser

So in this puzzle we get 40 cherries for $1, we get 1 orange for $3 and a watermelon for $5. Now we have $100 and we are to purchase 100 fruits for exactly that amount.

We need to buy 100 fruits for $100.

Let’s take cherries to begin with, since you can buy them in large quantities at a minimal price
$1 = 40 Cherries
$2 = 80 Cherries
$3 = 120 Cherries
Since, 120 is greater than 100
Purchasing 100 cherries for $100 is out of the question.

Now let’s move on to buying just Oranges
$3 = 1 Orange
Then for $100 you will get 33 Oranges.
This also does not fulfill our 100 fruits for $100 criteria.

Let’s move onto Watermelon
$5 = 1 Watermelon
Then for $100 you will get 20 Oranges
This does not fulfill our criteria either

With this trial and error, one point is clear, you cannot buy just one type of fruit here, you will have to buy a combination of them to full the condition of 100 fruits for $100.
Now, which is the fruit that we can buy the maximum number of in the minimum amount?
Yes, you are correct, it’s cherries.

And the maximum number of cherries we can buy is 40 in $2.

Now the money remaining with us is $98 and the number of fruits, 20, which should include oranges and watermelons.
To figure out how many fruits and watermelons we are suppose to buy for $98, let’s form two equations.


eq1 -The number of Oranges and Watermelons should be 20
O + W = 20

eq2 – $3Oranges with $5Watermelons should amount to $98
3.O + 5.W = 98

So the two equation we have are,
O + W = 20
3.O + 5.W = 98
Solve the two equations,

W can be written as
W = 20 – O (From eq 1)

Solving equation 2 by replacing W with 20 – O
3.O + 5.(20 – O) = 98
3.O + 100 – 5.O = 98
100 – 2.O = 98
100 – 98 = 2.O
2 = 2.O

O = 1

Going back to equation 1 and putting the value of O in it
1 + W = 20
W = 2o -1
W = 19

So now we know that the number of Oranges we are to buy is 1 and the number of watermelons we should buy is 19.
So we spend $3 to buy 1 Orange
The amount left with us is $95 with which we will buy 19 Watermelons (95/5 = 19 for verification)

And this is your mouth watering solution to this delicious puzzle. Stay tuned for more brainteasers and there solutions.