It is the fun age when they leave behind the young toddler years and step into the “big kid” world of kindergarten. At this age, they are typically eager to learn and explore. They try their interest in a wide range of things. They may want to go out and play with their buddies at a moment, and the next moment, they want to come back indoors.

I have listed down some really interesting toys for 5-year-old boys and girls in two categories:

  • Indoor Toys
  • Outdoor Toys


These are games as the name suggest, to be played inside the house. Typically the ones that need to be interesting enough for the kids to be inside because they love to go out and we know it. So, I have picked out games of different kinds that have at least one thing in common, i.e., they are entertaining and engaging. These are the games that will keep them indoors (for sometime definitely!)


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The Addition ocean game is what you need for your kids. They play around the skill of addition. They encounter friendly and not so friendly typhoons that keep them oh! so interested in the game throughout. The race to reach the treasure first is real but, at the same time, there is the collaborative version where kids play together makes them want to beat the rocks (Yes, they are your opponents, it is so much fun).


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What do 5-year-olds love the most! MESS! Oh! yes, a kid at this age really enjoys creating the mess around the house. Unfortunately, as grown-ups and someone who is obliged to clean their mess, we do not find it interesting by any means. But, we can bring them this joy in form of this pie face cannon game. This game generates some genuine laughter, serious laugh- out- loud fun.


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Characters and colorful images speak at great lengths to kids. They get enough information to understand and yet enough room to imagine and explore their own ideas. This one encourages kids to be curious. It serves as a great parent-child bonding activity. And of course, it will build a reader in your kid and that is an absolute and a must have quality.


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Every girl and boy has their own style and sense of fashion. But, some of us are more inclined towards designing art, picking colors, mix- matching, and all of that. This game allows you to be creative, try new variants, colors, designs, looks and bring your creativity on paper. It is one of my favorites on the list because I had a similar one as a little girl and it gave me so much joy in creating costumes and picking colors.


These are every kids’ favorite kind of toys. They absolutely enjoy going out and playing with their friends. Kids are full of energy and so they are always charged to go out and play. I have listed a few toys that can help them burn off this energy and make them really happy.


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I would be straight up lying if I said I didn’t want this one for myself. It is the best toy for them to burn off their energy. Burning off energy is also associated with increasing concentration. Kids have so much energy and they need to burn that off somewhere. This toy comes in handy to do just that. It provides a large jumping surface along with a handlebar that increases stability.


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I remember I got my first bike around the age of 5. Yes, I got hold of my elder brother’s old bike but, it still holds a remarkable place in my heart. A kid’s first bike is a very special part of growing up. It is not just the bike that the kid feels close to, but also the experience that comes with it. The first fall, the first time you take the stoppers off the bike and they pedal for the first time without support.


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What a fun toy to gift to a 5-year-old. Kids at this age are inquisitive enough to know what is what.  It will go well at an outdoor adventure. Kids can explore a lot with these in their hands. If you are taking a trip to the forest or bird century, give her or him this. It will make their day. It is small in size, so very easy to carry and the lens focuses quite well.

This was my list of best toys for 5 year old boys and girls. These are a variety of games that kids will really enjoy. I have segmented the list into Outdoor toys and Indoor toys. I hope you enjoyed the list and at least one of the toys would definitely go into your gift bag. If you a child who doesn’t fall in this age group, go ahead and read my top toys to gift kids this holiday. This list has games from age 5 to 12. If your child is interested in exploring the stream of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, pick one of my STEM favorite games for kids that are fun and learning. My colleague recently penned down her favorite Educational toys for kids and I am certain this list will benefit you. For basic daily math practice, you can pick some math worksheets for 5-year-olds.