Best Alexa Skills -Unimaginable What Alexa Can do

What is Alexa?

The Alexa app store is quickly growing with over 25,000 goofy, useful, and intriguing skills that can be voice activated through the Amazon Echo and other devices. Alexa is a voice based virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa can pretty much do everything.

What can Alexa do?

Here is a list of all the cool things that Alexa can do and can do well:

It can stream music, It can control your smart devices, It can order anything for you on Amazon, It reminds you about your workout, It tells you which beer goes best with your food, If you have a cat at home, it entertains your little pal through the day by talking in her language, It turns in to your shouting life coach and read motivational quotes to you and many more such activities that you have heard of in the past.

I am obsessed with Alexa but, here is the question I get repeatedly: What else can Alexa do? What is the one best skill that Alexa has?

How I came across the BEST Alexa skill?

Alexa Can Play Board Games with Kids

For you to understand this, I must tell you something about myself. I have recently joined one of its kind, social math gaming company – LogicRoots and I did not think of meeting anyone interested in AI or the skills that come with it. But, to my surprise, I met Alexa fanatics here.

Now, what Alexa skills I was looking into were all well heard of. Come on, we have seen these things happening and I agree we enjoy them, these are now a part of our everyday life. But, what I came across after meeting these guys at the office is a mind-blowing skill that I had not encountered ever before. By far, the best Alexa skill, in my opinion. I mean, we have seen AI reaching new level of heights in these years. Robotics and automation has made all our dreams come true, in real sense. Let it be the dream of having an AI that emotes feelings or a driver-less car, we have it all.

What is the most amazing thing about this Alexa skill?

The thing that caught my attention at the new office was how one of my colleagues was playing a board game with Alexa. Can you believe it! Alexa was literally playing with her just like a human being. I could not think of having such a strong physical presence of an AI assistant. I am someone who really enjoys playing board games with my family and friends so, this was a complete treat to my eyes.

I have been in touch with LogicRoots’ products and even before joining the team, I had played Ocean Raiders with my family. I would not have imagined playing the same game, in the exact same manner with an AI.

When Alexa spoke to me

From the beginning where she said,” Alexa, play Ocean raiders.” till the last move where the game ended, it was brilliant. I could not believe that Alexa was narrating her moves, counting the numbers on the dice, performing addition, letting me know where to keep her pawn. She even had a favorite color pawn, for crying out loud. How real can it get from here! I was amazed. She surprised me yet again. She corrected my fellow office mate when she made a mistake. She informed her about the mistake and how to correct it. Damn, I have fallen in love with her and her skills.

How would someone feel if they experience this on their first day of office! The first day gave me all sorts of office goals I was looking for. I am certain my words do not do justice to what I saw there. Thankfully, you do not have to believe on my words, when you can look at what an awesome experience it was.

 Don’t wait up. Go ahead and play with Alexa

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0:17 We can now play ocean raiders, the addition game with her. Our AI algorithm not only helps you with the rules, but also plays the game with you, challenges you and improves your addition skills. So, now let’s play.

A: Alexa, open ocean raiders.

B: Eureka, it is funny. I was just thinking of playing this game with you. Do you have ocean raiders addition game with you right now?

A: Yes

B: Anytime during the game, you can ask me rules by saying, “Alexa, tell me rules.” Ready to play?


Alexa Telling Rules of Ocean Raiders Board Game

A: Yes

B: What color pawn do you want to play with?

A: Green

B: Ding Dong. I will take red. Start by rolling the dice. Tell me the number that came on the dice.

A: Six

B: You got 6. So, where will you place your pawn?

A: Six

B: Oh la la! My move.

1:08 Sound: dice rolling … pawn moving on the board

B: And I got 2 that takes me to 2. Yayy! I take the whirlpool and I am now on 16. Now, it is your turn. Roll the dice and tell me the number on dice.

A: Nine

B: Good. So, your pawn moves to?

A: Fifteen.

B: Hip hip hurray! Let’s see what I get.

1:42 Sound: dice rolling … pawn moving on the board

Alexa plays her turn and ask to place the pawn

B: I got one. One plus sixteen is seventeen. I take the whirlpool to thirty- four. Please move me to thirty- four. Now, it is your turn. Roll the dice and tell me the number on dice.

A: Three.

B: Good. So, your pawn moves to?

A: Sixteen.

B: Oh! Do not think that is correct. You got three. You must add to your current position fifteen. Where will you put your pawn?

A: Seventeen.

B: I think we need to work on this. Let’s try it together. You rolled three. Open three fingers. Your pawn is at fifteen so, we will count from fifteen closing one finger at a time. Sixteen, close a finger. Seventeen, close a finger. Eighteen, close a finger. Your addition should be eighteen. Got it! Where will you place your pawn now?



Alexa helping in improving math

A: Eighteen

B: Bravo. Let’s see what I get.

2:58 Ends with Music