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Thanksgiving Math Activity Printables for Grade 1

Thanksgiving worksheets-Thanksgiving printables - 1st grade math worksheets

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1. Claws and Clamps


This is a fun and engaging Thanksgiving Math Activity that is perfect for this holiday season! Thanksgiving is a time to come together as family and friends and enjoy a whole lot of yummy dishes. It’s the same with the Crab family, except their dinner is the fish with a number that falls within Mama, Papa, and Baby Crabs’ respective ranges! This thanksgiving math activity printable is an excellent math activity where kids can color in the fish with the appropriate numbers on them and can improve their number recognition and comparison of 2-digit numbers.

Difficulty: Medium


2. Number Pyramid – 1


The ancient pyramids of Egypt are one of the wonders of the world. This Thanksgiving math activity will make your kid a wonder at addition! The game is simple – each pyramid has four levels. The numbers written on each block are the sums of the numbers on the two blocks below it. This is an excellent thanksgiving math activity to assign as homework. Parents can download these for free to do with kids at home. It focuses on the addition of 1 and 2-digit numbers. Once you get higher up the pyramid, it focuses on 2 and 3-digit numbers addition with carry-over.

Difficulty: Hard


3. Color Me Sunrise


The colors of fall are spread everywhere. This is the time of the year when the sun is still up in the sky, days are starting to get shorter, and everyone is waiting for the first snowfall. In this Thanksgiving math activity, kids are assigned a color for a range of numbers. The numbers are put on different parts of the picture. The aim is to color the beautiful Thanksgiving sunrise per the numbers. This activity improves number recognition and understanding of the concepts of place value and face value.

Difficulty: Hard


4. All-Star Circus


The All-Star Circus is in town for the weekend. Their star attraction is their group of intelligent seals. These seals can perform awesome balancing acts with beach balls. The storekeeper’s job is to keep a count of the number of beach balls used every day and count the total at the weekend. On some days, the seals don’t use any beach balls. In those cases, kids must learn addition with zero.

Difficulty: Medium



Thanksgiving Math Activity Printables for Grade 2

thanksgiving-worksheets-thanksgiving-printables-math-2nd Grade math worksheets

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1. Empty Stomach


Expanding a number is an important skill for kids to learn. This particular skill helps with mental addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. In this Thanksgiving math activity, the caterpillars only eat the leaf with a number which corresponds to the expanded form written on them. The leaves have numbers on them and the kids must expand the number and write it on the caterpillar.

Difficulty: Easy





2. Chocolate Mystery


Ever been to the fridge to see there’s something yummy in there? You have, right? We all have! It happens with Thanksgiving leftovers and it could happen to Bob with his chocolates. Bob is eating a certain number of chocolates every day.In this math activity, kids need to calculate the number of chocolates left at the end of 5 days. This Thanksgiving math activity printable trains kids in the subtraction of 1 and 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

Difficulty: Easy


3. Sixes All the Way


Thanksgiving time is family time and while that means sitting on a table and eating lots of Turkey, it also means playing board games with your family. Don’t you just wish you had a magic dice which would land you double-sixes all the time? Sixes All the Way is a great thanksgiving math activity where kids learn the multiplication table of 6 by counting the number on the dice. Having a visual representation helps kids understand and quantify the concept of multiplication.

Difficulty: Medium



4. Sumo Ball


Potto and Lotto are two cute little budding Sumo wrestlers whose toy balls have got mixed up. The balls are colored in fractions. Some are colored half and the other are one-third colored. The half colored ones belong to Potto while the others belong to Lotto. The aim of this thanksgiving math activity is to recognize the different fractions to sort the balls. Kids must write the fraction as a part of the whole on the ball. This Thanksgiving math activity printable is perfect for math classrooms and homeschooling. This math activity helps kids understand that 3/6 and 2/6 are simply different ways of writing ½ and 2/3.

Difficulty: Medium

Thanksgiving Math Activity Printables for Grade 3

thanksgiving-worksheets-for 3rd grade-thanksgiving-printables-

Click below to download the Thanksgiving Math Activity Pack for Grade 3 for free.

1. Piggy Back


Imagine if our parents called us by the numbers instead of names. That’s what mamma pig is doing here. She is calling out the numbers she has assigned to her little piglets. Now it is up to your kid to decide which piglets are those being called. This Thanksgiving math activity printable is great for reviewing 4-digit subtraction with regrouping. Try it in the form of a pop-quiz in your class or homeschool for more fun.

Difficulty: Easy



2. A Place for Every Thing


To be able to mentally sort and arrange things is a crucial life skill. This Thanksgiving Math activity helps with exactly that. Kids need to put 4 balls in each shelf and find out how many shelves will be full once all the balls are put away. Kids can, of course, put balls one at a time and color in the full shelves. A better way would be to think ahead and divide the total number of balls by four and get the number of filled shelves and balls remaining in the unfilled shelves. This is an excellent activity to understand division terms like quotient and remainders.

Difficulty: Easy


3. Hungry Fractions


Everybody loves pizza and Robert needs help identifying fractions so he can eat his favorite pies. Robert’s mother has sliced up the pizzas and set aside some for eating. The goal of this Thanksgiving math activity is to identify what fraction of the whole is set aside. If kids answer correctly, Robert gets to chow down on the pizza. This Thanksgiving math activity printable is a delicious twist on the classic “recognize the fraction of the shaded area”

Difficulty: Easy



4. Two Sides of a Coin


Long division can be a challenging concept for many kids. But it is easier to understand if one realizes that division is just reverse-multiplication. This Thanksgiving math activity printable is perfect for kids to review division of 2-digit numbers by single-digit numbers. They also need to rewrite the 2-digit number as the product of the quotient and the divisor.

Difficulty: Medium




Thanksgiving Math Activity Printables for Grade 4


Click below to download the Thanksgiving Math Activity Pack for Grade 4 for free.

1. Owl Foul


The Owls are flocking to take their places on electric cables. But the cables can only handle so much weight before they break. Owl Foul is the perfect thanksgiving math activity for a class work activity if you’re looking to practice and review addition of 3 and 4-digit numbers. Each owl is given a certain number which represents their weight. You’re given the total weight the cable can take. The students’ job is to add up the weights on a cable and check whether or not it will snap.

Difficulty: Medium


2. Same Pinch


Now here’s something unique and different! Symmetry is all around us, we love it and we want it. Our brains are always trying to find patterns and symmetries. The goal of this Thanksgiving math printable is to look at all the different pictures and identify the lines of symmetry in all the pictures. There could be multiple ones in some of them. Identifying symmetry and patterns are important skills. It trains kids to recognize trends, sequences, pick up similarities and differences more keenly.

Difficulty: Hard


3. ANTicipation


ANTicipation is a math activity which focuses on recognizing and understanding prime numbers, composite numbers, and the difference between the two. In this Thanksgiving math activity printable, the enemy ants have prime numbers written on them. The goal is to find the primes and circle them.

Difficulty: Medium






 4. Bubble Sort


The fish make bubbles which reach the surface and each bubble has a fraction on it. The fish also have fractions on them and they only let out bubbles with like fractions. The students’ goal in this Thanksgiving math activity printable is to match the bubbles with the fish. This homework activity is excellent practice for mental division and reducing of fractions which helps with faster identification of like fractions.

Difficulty: Medium





Thanksgiving Math Activity Printables for Grade 5


1. Robert Engineer


Help Robert fix his windmill by calculating the missing angles! Robert Engineer is a Thanksgiving math activity printable which focuses on geometry. In this activity, students will practice calculating angles by keeping in mind the basic properties of triangles. Once they find the missing angles, they must recognize the type of the triangle.

Difficulty: Hard




2. Intelligent Flower


Can you imagine a planet where plants do math because they’re such intelligent life forms? Well on the planet “Unique” they do! Each flower has a number in the centre that can be broken down into factors. The goal of this Thanksgiving math activity is to write down all the factors on the petals.

Difficulty: Hard





3. Pie Rates


Thanksgiving is synonymous with pie! Lots and lots of pie! So naturally there has to be a Thanksgiving math activity about pie charts! Jack has been busy for the last 200 days. He knows how much percentage of his days he spent doing what activity. He has a pie chart with the percentage breakdown.  Students need to calculate how many days a certain percentage corresponds to. This Thanksgiving math activity printable focuses on two core concepts:

  • calculation of percentage into raw numbers
  • interpreting that information from a pie chart.

Difficulty: Medium


4. Cake Bake


Cakes are amazing! But there needs to be someone to bake the cake while Chef Sandy is out. We have Sandy’s master recipe, but the quantity of ingredients is only available for a 6-pound cake. This will allow students to engage in long division, mixed-fractions, multiplication of fractions, and get a better grasp of how multiples work. This Thanksgiving math activity is perfect for homework but it can also be used in class as a group activity for a small group to do together!

Difficulty: Medium


lick here to download the Thanksgiving Math Activity Pack for Grade 5 for free.



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