These FREE printable multiplication worksheets will help your child in getting a strong grip on the basic concepts of multiplication in a unique manner.These math worksheets are not only beautifully crafted and easily printed they are also divided on the basis of individual skills of multiplication. Major and minor division skills have been covered through these multiplication worksheets and are arranged by difficulty level (from easy to hard). It will help you in knowing exactly which skill is being practiced and how.

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These free printable multiplication worksheets are designed by our experts to assist your child in being able to relate to the subject with the help of engaging stories and characters. There is a unique way in which these multiplication worksheets are to be used, let’s see what that is –

The best use of these multiplication worksheets:

Story Narration in these multiplication practice worksheets-

  • Each worksheet has a story attached to it which is also written here. These stories are to be narrated to your child before he moves to solving the sheets.
  • You can either narrate the story given or create your own, based on the characters of the worksheet.
  • Each story has a mission which can only be completed once the kid solves all the questions, make sure that he understands his role and the task he has to complete and how.
  • Narrating stories with the multiplication worksheets will create a unique environment for the kid in which he would actually be able to relate to the characters and will be able to focus better on solving the problem.

12 Printable Multiplication Worksheets

Below are the 13 awesome fun multiplication worksheets which will help your kid master the basics of multiplication calculations. These are all high-quality multiplication worksheets made to address maths skills through applications, activities and multiplication games that are completely aligned to the NCTM Singapore and NCERT Math.

Printable Multiplication Worksheet – Paint Mania

Multiplication worksheets - PaintMania

Skill- Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 2 Digit Number with carry-Numbers up to 99

The Story - The painter loves to paint surprises for good kids who listen to their parents and finish their homework. He has chosen you for his surprise gift this time, congratulations! Now to unveil his painting and see your gift, solve the questions as given in the sheet and claim your prized surprise.

Colorful Worksheet – Picture in Picture

Multiplication worksheets - PictureInPictureDino

Skill- Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-2 Digit Number up to 99. Multiplication Facts of a 3 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-3 Digit Number up to 999.

The Story - There is a monster who has been terrorizing the town and townspeople, but no one is able to fight it since they are not able to identify it. Now it is up to you to help the townspeople to identify the hidden monster and fight it, Good Luck!  

Multiplication Worksheet – What’s Cooking

Multiplication worksheets - WhatsCookingChocolate

Skill - Multiplication Table/Facts of 5-Multiplication with 1 to 15, Multiplication Table/Facts of 7-Multiplication with 1 to 15.

The Story - Rita wants to participate in an inter-school chocolate making competition, even though she does not know how to make chocolate. She goes to her school cook to learn the recipe of making chocolate. But the cook only tells her the recipe of making one chocolate and she has to make separate batches of 5 and 7 chocolates. Help Rita to calculate the material required to make 5 and 7 chocolates and win this competition.  

Multiplication Practice Worksheet – Greedy Dog

Multiplication worksheets - GreedyDog

Skill- Multiplication Facts of 2 Digit Number by 3 Digit Number with carry-Numbers up to 999.

The Story - The dogs are stuck in a maze and they are very hungry. On the other side of the maze are bones for each dog, but a dog can only gather the bone which belongs to him. Help the dogs to find out which bone belongs to whom and make a path for them across the maze to their respective bones.

Multiplication Worksheet – Connect The Dots

Multiplication worksheets - ConnectTheDotsPigeon

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-2 Digit Number up to 99.

The Story - Kiku loves puzzles and his father know just what to give him to solve. Kiku’s father sent him a message saying “You are the best”, but did not tell him who will deliver the message. Kiku will only be able to to receive such an incredible message when he is able to figure out who is carrying it. Help Kiku to figure who has his father’s message so that he can receive it.

Multiplication Worksheet – Hostel Over Hearer

Multiplication worksheets - HostelOverHearer

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 3 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-3 Digit Number up to 999.

The Story - The Dean of college pays a visit to the hostel and meets with the head chef. He wants to know how much ration would the hostel need for this month. The chef gives him an estimation, but the hostel kids realize that the chef’s calculations are wrong and inform the Dean of the same. Help the Dean in calculating the correct ration that is to be supplied to the hostel so that the hostel kitchen does not fall short of food for the kids.  

Printable Practice Worksheet – Family Dinner

Multiplication worksheets - FamilyDinner

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-2 Digit Number up to 99.

The Story - It is a Saturday night and the restaurant is packed with families having dinner. Due to staff shortage the manager needs is not able to calculate the bill of all the families that have come to eat. If the total billing amount of the families are not calculated correctly the restaurant could incur losses. Help the manager in calculating the total bill of each family present in the restaurant. 

Colorful Multiplication Worksheet – Rangoli

Multiplication worksheets - Rangoli

Skill – Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 2 Digit Number with carry-Numbers upto 99. 

The Story - Shanti is designing a unique pattern on the floor also known as a Rangoli. She wants to practice multiplication while making rangoli so she makes a number rangoli, but her notorious brother comes and brushes of most of the numbers from the design. Help Shanti to solve the rangoli once again and complete the pattern.

Fun Multiplication Worksheet – Fix It

Multiplication worksheets - FixIt

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 2 Digit Number with carry-Numbers up to 99.

The Story - The construction worker was just finished with putting up the tiles of the bathroom when due to faulty pasting some of the tiles fell off. Now he is confused as to which tile goes where. Help him figure out the right position of each tile and paste them properly so that he is able to finish his work in time and collect his payment.  

Fun Multiplication Worksheet – Connect The Dots

Multiplication worksheets - ConnectTheDotsDolphin

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-2 Digit Number up to 99. Minor Skill – Multiplication Facts of a 3 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number with carry-3 Digit Number up to 999.

The Story – Chintu has gone to the beach on a bright sunny day. He sees a unique creature in the sea just a few miles ahead, but he is not able to recognize it. Help Chintu in identifying the creature and tell all his friends about his discovery.

Multiplication Practice Worksheet – Net Worth

Multiplication worksheets - NetWorth

Skill - Multiplication Facts of a 2 Digit Number by 1 Digit Number without carry-2 Digit Number upto 99. Minor Skill 1 – Order of Multiplication of Two Numbers (Commutative Property)-Applicable on all Numbers. Minor Skill 2 -  Money-Multiplication of money with whole number-Money in 1 unit.

The Story - Rita has a bunch of coins given to her by her grandmother. She wants to arrange the coins in a proper way and put them in her piggie bank. Help Rita in arranging the coins and calculating the total before she puts them in her pink piggie-bank.

Math Multiplication Worksheet – Catch The Fish 1

Multiplication worksheets - CatchTheFish1

Skill - Multiplication Facts of Two Numbers of 1 Digit-Numbers up to 9.

The Story - Chintu and his friends decide to go fishing today. But they are not able to catch any for a long time. Each of them has a stone beside him, which they realize attracts the fishes whose equation matches the answer on the stone and repels the others. Help the kids to solve the questions on the fishes so that they are able to identify the fishes that would come towards them attracted by the stones and catch them.

We hope that the experience of practicing multiplication with these multiplication worksheets has been engaging and enjoyable.For any doubts or queries regarding the worksheets, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. These multiplication worksheets can be combined with math activities and math games. Board games like Say Cheese Cafe and Monster Sock Factory are great math games to practice multiplication tables and have fun while doing it.

Happy Practicing these multiplication worksheets!